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My First Social Media Talk

My First Social Media Talk

I started using social networking websites since 2007. Since, then I have been following the domain as a researcher and always wondered how this new media could be used for the business purpose benefitting both marketers and customers at large. My curiosity to understand the domain increased day by day and that’s how I chose this… Continue reading »

A New Journey Begins

My blogging journey began in March, 2010 and since then have blogged around 10 posts. Inspite of the fact that, I have authored many research papers and case studies since 2005, I did face some early hiccups with blogging. I soon realized this stream of writing requires some special skills and dedication, unlike my earlier… Continue reading »

How to evaluate social media case studies

Case studies in social media have been of interest to the social media enthusiasts, brand managers, entrepreneurs. IndiaSocial does a great job of highlighting best social media case studies from India. They held the first edition in 2010, and have continued their tradition this year with the 2nd edition. Recently, they tweeted: I thought to… Continue reading »