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Participate in #CoolestInterviewEver contest by HCL Technologies & Win a Dream Role Worth $75,000

We have heard a lot about social recruiting, a recruitment process driven through social platforms. HCL Technologies has come up with an interesting social recruitment process where they plan to organize a Twitter contest to identify their Ideapreneurship Evangelist, Big Data Guru, Hacker-in-Chief, Digital Trotter and Womenspiration. 

The campaign is well executed with a dedicate microsite. The contest is promoted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a very well planned manner to attract registrations and spread word of mouth about the social recruitment campaign.

Microsite: The colour schema of microsite matches that of Twitter, as the primary focus of the campaign is on Twitter. Attractive set of copy is used to build interest in the visitor and to encourage them to register for the contest.

Coolest Interview Ever

Coolest Interview Ever

Coolest Interview Ever

Contest Process: The campaign is divided into two phases – First phase, involves short listing process where a marathon of questions will be posed to the registrants. Second phase, will involve interaction with their vertical heads.

Coolest Interview Ever

Promotion on Social Media Platforms: The campaign is very well promoted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The first campaign video was uploaded on January 10, 2014, followed by couple of other videos.

Gratification: Apart from an opportunity to work with one of the leading technology companies in the country the candidates earns a 12 month assignment worth $75,000.

The campaign is an innovative way usage of social media for an exercise that involves tremendous amount of effort and time.

What are you waiting for? Register now here, #CoolestInterviewEver

Satya Nadella gets a rousing welcome on Twitter

On 5th February’2014, the one name that ruled the minds of majority of people on this earth, was Satya Nadella, the newly crowned CEO of coveted technology company, Microsoft. Since the first week of February, the news reports were full of speculation if his name would be finally announced for the responsible and glamorous position.  As soon as, his named was officially announced media started publishing content about his past, few bytes were received from his friends, colleagues, teachers etc. The news kept buzzing across the World and everyone wanted to know, a little more about this young spectacled guy who surpassed the ‘glass ceiling’ and reached the dream destination. How did this soft spoken and shy guy respond to all these things?

First, he wrote an email for all employees of Microsoft. Then, came the major activity, when he made this tweet after four years of his last tweet.

Satya Nadella

No wonder, Twitteratis immediately gave him a rousing welcome which reflected in about 6,500 retweets and the number of favorites inching 5,000 mark in about 17 hours of his tweet. The story doesn’t end there, his follower base increased by approx. 5,833 times (till this blogpost was written) and crossed the 89,000 mark, which is evident in the graph below.

Satya Nadella

If you are a Twitter novice, two questions would strike your mind:

1) What made him tweet after a gap of four years?

2) Who is going to benefit from his tweets?

I will address both of these questions below:

1) Twitter is no more a land of just Bollywood / Hollywood celebrities, politicians, sportspersons, musicians etc. Business tycoons, CXOs are taking this platform seriously and are willing to engage with their community. The importance of this phenomenon is very well evident from the fact when lists like this are published by various bloggers. It is no more a question if CXOs should actively engage on social media. I feel Satya now having been crowned with a responsible position, realized that its time for him to get closer to the community around him.

2) Assuming that he is going to be reasonably active (considering his long hibernation) on Twitter, it is a matter of debate to identify the beneficiaries of his tweets. Before that, can we step behind for a moment to understand who are his 89,000 odd followers? They could be – technology mavens, journalists, bloggers, young geeks, end customers, business partners, so on and so forth. How can he cut across the community and tweet something that interests to most of them (if not everyone), especially when he is a CEO of a not-so jazzy technology product firm, unlike Richard Branson? A corollary thought should be, what are these thousands of followers expecting from him? Some would expect him to tweet exciting developments at Microsoft, may be sneek peek of some amazing technology / product, an interesting technology oriented blog (as he is an avid reader), few motivational quotes, catchy sentences from the books he reads or a vine video of something at Microsoft.

The answer to second question can only be best speculated at this moment. However, it is highly encouraging to see how CXOs of global firms are taking Twitter seriously and sensing the enormous engagement opportunities that this platform provides.

Let’s hope that Satya doesn’t repeat history of his Twitter journey and keeps us hooked to his tweets. Congratulations Satya!