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What Does Success Mean To You And Me?

We all are aware of the word ‘Success’. Yet each one of us derives a unique meaning from it.

Image Courtesy: DigitalBloggers

Image Courtesy: DigitalBloggers

I have two questions for you:

1) What does success mean to you?

2) How many success instances would you wish to have in your life?

Let me start discussing about the first question: Have you ever asked your family members or colleagues what does success mean to them? Oh wait! have you asked yourself what does that word mean to you? You will get endless answers from each of them which may include – wealth, happiness, societal status, owning a property, entrepreneurship, societal service etc.

The second question which we all need to ponder upon is – how many success instances do we wish to achieve in our life? I am sure many of you feel that being alive at the end of every day is a success. Alternatively, for some, success could be achieving certain milestones of life, for e.g. graduation, postgraduation, marriage, job, buying a house etc.

At the age of 32, I too have gone through some  major stages of life, be it acquiring education, finding a job, venturing into entrepreneurship etc.. However, I never felt that I have achieved something. I completed my graduation in engineering and post-graduation in business administration (most common educational degree combo you would find in post-liberalized India). Then I went on to seek admission in a full time doctoral degree. Were these milestones a success? I had a memorable tenure with IIM-A, had good learning experience when I tested entrepreneurship waters and then went on to become a Social Media Strategist in  a leading agency. If educational degrees weren’t success, were these professional pit-stops a success?

Many of my friends have tried to convince me in the past that each of these above instances could be considered as successful. However, for some reason I never felt a sense of achievement when any of these happened. If everyone is traveling comfortably on a four lane highway and reaching destination, how am I different from others? By mid-30s, I feel it isn’t really an outstanding achievement to boast about if you end up having a seven digit salary (don’t ask me on which extreme I am – at lower end or high end of seven digit!!!), a car, a house (ofcourse on EMI, unless your father-in-law gifted it) etc. Turn around and almost every 2nd person would have all these. In that case, how can you claim yourself to be successful?

So, can we say that materialistic things fail to sensitize or instigate us with the feeling of success? I have been fortunate to come across some good souls, who even in this highly competitive materialistic world have opted to consider what their heart says.

I would not praise myself but yes I would say with pride that winning the HCL’s #CoolestInterviewEver was the most cherished successful moment of my life. I really felt  like I have achieved something on cracking it. Want to know why I felt so? A follow-up blogpost coming soon!

Till then do ask yourself what success means to you!

A memorable interaction with leaders and digital team of HCL Technologies: #CoolestInterviewEver

It has been a month since I last blogged. Quite a long break!  My last blogpost was on a unique campaign, #CoolestInterviewEver by HCL Technologies which ran for almost a month on Twitter with the objective of social recruitment. After the two highly competitive & interactive rounds, top 5 candidates were announced and no wonder, I experienced goosebumps to see my name in that list.

HCL #CoolestInterviewEver

Then came the most exciting round of the campaign where all top 5 candidates were supposed to meet and interact with the top leaders of HCL Technologies. The three candidates from India had this golden opportunity on 12th March. In this social media era, we all interact with one or another brand on the social platforms. Sometimes, we receive a very empathetic response from the other end, while sometimes we receive rude responses. Who replies to us? It’s not the brand, right? There are people behind the brand who are working day in and day out giving their best to build ‘The Brand’. Haven’t we often felt that if there were an opportunity to meet these people, we would give a hug and thank them for the help they provided during our need or even thrash them for the misbehaviour they did with us? We do! We human beings prefer to interact with a person whom we can see and understand.

This blogpost is all about the Round 3 of #CoolestInterviewEver which gave us an opportunity to meet the energetic team and the top HCL leaders who put their heart & soul for this campaign to become so successful. After a month long interaction with the team on Twitter, we had an opportunity to meet them in real life. The format of interaction was interesting, though slightly tiring. The day started with all three of us (the other two candidates are based out of US and will be interviewed on 14th March by the local HCL office) assembling at Sector 125 office. We were quickly rushed for our first interaction with one of the leaders. We all then moved on to the sprawling SEZ campus of HCL at Sector 126 where we met the second leader and finally the day ended at HCL’s global HQ at Sector 3 with the third interaction.

The interaction with me revolved around questions like –

1) My motivation to choose social media as a career

2) How #CoolestInterviewEver campaign could have been made better?

3) Digital Divide in the country

4) Future of digital, social & mobile

5) Convergence/divergence of traditional and online media

6) Team management skills etc.

So, in short they re-confirmed on our domain knowledge (though we were tested on this in Round  2 of the campaign) and assessed our behavioral skills that would match the HCL culture.

What was the best part of this interaction? How did it benefit the candidates and the top leaders who were on the judging panel? Here it is:

1) The format of exposing candidates to three different campuses gave us an opportunity to get a glimpse of the infrastructure where we would be working (ofcourse, the lucky one who gets selected!).

2) The interaction also helped us have an understanding about the leaders with whom we might be working ahead. It was equally beneficial for leaders as they could interact with us, know us better and enrich their understanding about us, over and above what their perception about us from the previous Twitter oriented rounds.

3) The interaction with the various volunteers throughout the day helped us understand the work culture about HCL.

4) Last but not the least, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and interact with the brightest leaders of HCL. These experiences will be cherished in our memories for a very long time.

After all interactions were over with the leaders, a surprise was awaiting for us, wherein a video was to be shot on each of us. We expressed our views about the campaign, the most exciting phase of the campaign and so on. I look forward to the video 🙂

I am sure along with me the other two candidates – Prashant Singh & Sweta Bhatt would be thankful to the entire #CoolestInterviewEver team for this amazing experience.

PS: Adhering to the security norms of the HCL campus, we couldn’t click images of the campus 🙁