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Twitter now launches ‘Twitter Offers’ in USA

Twitter now launches ‘Twitter Offers’ in USA

We have seen both Twitter and Facebook emulate each other’s features. This time its Twitter who has introduced ‘Twitter Offers’ much similar to what Facebook had launched it much earlier – ‘Facebook Offers’. As of now it is introduced only in USA for selected brands, but as we have seen in the past in no time… Continue reading »

Digital Campaign Review: Raymond #MenInJackets

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform has made news on various fronts both at India and global level. Like any other social networking platform, LinkedIn too has various revenue generation streams from business marketing and recruitment marketing perspectives. Some advertisement opportunities are very specific to B2B businesses while some properties are very relevant for organizations to build their… Continue reading »

Now ‘create’ presentations directly on Slideshare!

Slideshare has been quite extensively leveraged by B2B firms, academicians and people at large for descriptive information sharing. Slideshare facilitates information sharing in four different types of content – 1) document, 2) presentation, 3) infographics and 4) videos. Users could upload their content in any of these forms and share it across the stakeholders for… Continue reading »