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Diwali Facebook Video Campaigns – 2017

Who would afford to miss out on the Diwali festive season? Every organization (read: marketing department) eagerly awaits for this mega festival to arrive. Its a bumper opportunity for them to launch products, offer discounts and do what not to ensure the sales bells rung the loudest. In today’s era a vital weapon for marketing / brand managers is to launch a good storytelling emotional video campaign around the festive season and capitalize on the sentiments. There wasn’t any difference in this year’s Diwali festive season. Many brands came with really good emotional video campaigns. Here is a list of some best Diwali Facebook Video campaigns that I came across this year.  The storytelling has been varied by each one of the brands – some have focused on family celebrations, some have focused on gifting their parents / siblings / spouses etc., while some brands have focused on societal agendas. I have tried to comment  my thoughts on each one of them. Let’s see in how many cases your and mine thoughts match!


Airtel India –

They took a strong stand against increasing pollution. The softer element in this Diwali Facebook video by Airtel was the joy that kids derived by watching stars on the sky, thanks to the solution driven by Airtel’s technology. This campaign had everything in it – strong reason behind the video, effort by the brand, proof of concept and most importantly a clear messaging to viewers on what they were supposed to do after watching the video. As and when this blogpost was written, the video had received over 10 Mn views on Facebook and around 7,307 people took pledge to fight against pollution. I liked the comprehensive thinking behind this campaign and results were hard to ignore. However, in a realistic scenario, its hard to believe how many of these pledges were really adhered or will be adhered to in future.

Reliance Trends –

This Diwali Facebook Video by Reliance Trends, overall conveys the message of unity within family and celebrating the joyful moments with each other in family. The key reason why this video stood out from others was the execution. The scriptwriter / copywriter should be appreciated for the beautiful analogy he/she has tried to bring between each type of fire-cracker and each personality within every family. #NayiWaliDiwali video absolutely deserved the 12 million+ views and over 19.4k+ shares.

Pantaloons –

Pantaloons Diwali Facebook Video has tried to cover their every possible target audience. The video starts with various sad situations in which different protagonists are present. The high energy video quickly showcases the range of products available with them and how shopping at Pantaloons could help everyone get over their grim moments. It isn’t an emotional video, but kind of peppy video that gained 10 million views.

Lenovo India –

Gifting parents just with the festive context and gifting them with a much deeper purpose could be very different. And, Lenovo India exhibits this difference in this emotional storytelling Diwali Facebook Video that has gained over 12 million views and 38.3K+ shares. The campaign hashtag #GiftThemAFuture is itself strong and kind of probes the users to watch the video overall to understand what kind of future does a son gift to his father. Watch it!

Coca Cola –

The first time I saw this video ad on TV, I was confused on multiple parameters. First, this ad looks more suitable for Rakshabandhan than for Diwali. Secondly, the brand integration of PayTMmall looks way too intrusive (seems PayTMmall gifted Coca-Cola with a fat cheque!!). Its a vanilla Coca-Cola storyline where celebrations with family and friends are incomplete without their product, which is also evident from just 6.7 million views.

Tanishq –

This 2 minute Diwali Facebook video by Tanishq is crisp, fast, has cool music in background, showcases good emotional connect and most importantly focuses on their latest product range – Shubham. Tanishq started its Diwali campaign well early around the hashtag – #TanishqWaliDiwali. They had a well-planned content calendar introducing their new Shubham product range, highlighting their association with Padmavati movie etc. It is surprising that the video didn’t touch even 1 mn views, may be they didn’t focus much on paid video advertising.

Vivo India –

Instead of a common brand ambassador integrated Diwali Facebook Video campaign, Vivo showcased a day in Kiara Advani’s life. This single 2 minutes video has two parts to it. The first part is focused on all perfect selfies that Kiara clicks around with various family members, while the second part showcases on realistic moments or rather #OutofFocus moments as defined by Vivo. I liked the storytelling aspect in this video where the brand emphasizes on the valuable realistic moments of life rather than just the photogenic moments that we share on social media platforms.

Nokia Mobile –

In today’s high mobile intrusive life, every parent has a common complaint that their kids don’t spend much time with them. Nokia seems to have leveraged on this insight to come up with this 45 seconds Diwali Facebook video campaign. The video showcases how a son gifts his availability to his mom on the Diwali day. 10 million+ views on the video seems to indicate that video struck the right chord amongst the audience.

One Plus –

We have heard about various instances of organizations humanizing a brand. While here, One Plus has humanized the ‘Diwali festival’ itself. The festival has been projected as a chirpy young girl who fulfills all regular Diwali activities like delivering sweets, crackers, approving leaves, sending shopping discounts etc. However, Diwali itself loses its brightness by the time it fulfills all other’s wishes and hence is awaiting for a partner to illuminate her celebration. That’s where the One Plus product enters the story and becomes an ideal partner for Diwali. Unlike family oriented storytelling saga, One Plus has lived upto the expectation of a young and vibrant brand with this 2 minute Diwali Facebook video campaign.

LG India –

LG India’s 40 seconds video to me looked like a typical Indian TVC. Video is shot with typical Diwali background and the theme seems to be, to highlight range of products. The video all products from LG’s portfolio – refrigerator, TV, washing machine, oven, laptop, speakers etc. An okayish video in terms of appeal, but looked promising considering product awareness point of view.

Amazon India –

Amazon started off the Diwali campaign well in advance to create awareness about its Sale events and products that one could buy from them. If you follow hashtags, #KaroMilkeTayyari and #DiwaliKiTayyari are followed one could realize the well thought through content calendar that Amazon had in place well before the festive season.

The 104 seconds Diwali Facebook video by Amazon was very straight-forward showcasing a family scene where they order all possible Diwali shopping items from Amazon. The Amazon delivery boxes integration, product showcase and the mobile app showcase in itself exemplifies the breadth and ease that Amazon offers when it comes to online shopping.

Flipkart –

No matter how long Flipkart keeps advertising with kids personified as adults, most of us just keep loving it. Flipkart’s short 30 seconds video was just about reminding people about Big Diwali Sale that occurred from 14th – 17th Oct. A few Indian traditions of handing over invitation after having removed footwear, including flowers along with marriage invitation and use of Shubh Labh are a soothe to one’s eye.

FabIndia –

Festivals are not just about present celebrations, but also about remembering our childhoods days on those festivals and reliving them. FabIndia’s fabulous video showcased how a married women recollected her Diwali celebrations and now in present time sees herself in her daughter. This 1 min 40 seconds video, with over 1.2 million views is a pleasant campaign that touches the softer element of one’s life.

Olacabs –

Olacabs stuck to a societal contribution objective. I would say its a bold move by Olacabs to motivate people to use metro, bus, train as alternate modes of transportation and lend a hand in reducing air pollution. Unlike other brands that focused on their products, Olacabs decided to ride on societal benefit angle. The text heavy video was a clear standup amongs the cluttered Diwali videos with usual festive background, Indian traditional music and attire. Its appreciative to see them leverage #FarakPadtaHai hashtag across various campaigns to build brand awareness and reinforcement.

GoAir –

GoAir off late has been engaging in coming up with emotional video campaigns. If you missed their this year’s Rakshabandhan video campaign, have a look now here. This time with Diwali Facebook video, GoAir celebrates the spirit of its crew members and empathizes with them. The storyline focuses on how a mother gets surprised by GoAir to travel on a flight in which her daughter is a crew member. Mother prepares Diwali delicacies for her daughter, so that the daughter doesn’t miss out on delicacies while serving her duty during Diwali.

Eicher Trucks and Buses –

Eicher’s 5 minutes long Diwali Facebook video is almost like a short film. The key message that brand tries to drive is to avoid driving after alcohol consumption. The video shot on truck driver who prepares to drive after heavy alcohol consumption is intercepted by a group of young people. The driver is discouraged to drive by misleading him into various conversations. Though the conversations are bit funny, it becomes boring after sometime due to excessive length of video. The same message could have been conveyed through a 2 minutes video.

Which of these videos impressed you the most? Did you come across any other video that caught your attention? Look forward to your thoughts in the comments section below.


Image Credit: Varshesh Joshi

How to do Video Marketing? – Women’s Day Case Study

Its been quite a long time since I wrote something. Change in job, additional responsibilities at work, extended work hours could sound excuses but they are true for a city like Bengaluru. Finally, managed to put this blogpost on Women’s Day campaign videos in the draft mode a month back and today completing it. Hope you will like it.

Anandan Pillai - Women's Day

So, like of my other blogposts this one is too an observation led one. This Women’s Day I came across some really cool videos that were, educative eye-opener and some trying to convey a strong messages for the society. The moment I came across them, I started collating them in the draft, as to me they were a good collection on this widely celebrated day to respect and honor women around us.

I don’t believe in writing ‘7 top videos’, or ’10 top videos’ type of blogposts just to satisfy some search engines. Hence, these are not the exhaustive list of videos that inspired me on Women’s Day, but an indicative list that I could come across on that day.

I am sure some of you would have already come across them in the past. If not, don’t miss to watch these videos as each one of them has been prepared with a unique approach, which could guide you for your next video script (if you are a marketer), or will at least make a difference the way we project / think about women.

JSW Group

There are three things that I liked about the video:

  1. Captizaling on the recent famous Olympic wrestler Sakshi Malik. It’s a good strategy to leverage such athletes as that helps in conveying an important message more effectively
  2. The copy writing and the video script has been just sharp. In a simple yet effective manner it has been communication that women are ready to take up any role in the society and they are well prepared for the challenge
  3. At the end of video brand manages to convey in a subtle manner their CSR program ‘Janam Se Janani Tak

Nobel Prize

This is a superb example of how to communicate more information in an interesting manner an yet not compromise on the comprehensiveness. This 2.10 mins video infographic captures all major women who have made Nobel Prize worth contributions in the various fields of life. Simplicity is the key here for a formal organization to participate in the Women’s Day wave.


Most of us have grown up seeing Tata Tea’s campaigns and full marks to them for their every campaign with strong social message. Even their recent campaign ‘Alarm Bajne Se Pehle’ does raise right questions and compels us the citizens of the country to wake up before its too late. Their Women’s Day campaign too was a great attempt at delineating the various questions that could be bothering young girls who are on the verge of reaching adulthood. Its a strong message to everyone in society that we should respect women and ensure they feel safe in their surroundings.

UNDP India

UNDP’s video highlights the real life efforts that the organization has taken for the well-being of women. The Disha project is a partnership between India Development Foundation, UNDP and Xynteao, well supported by IKEA Foundation. There’s no better way than to make a live impact on the society and showcase the same with real life people. This video showcases the effort that various bodies are taking for the upliftment of women. It also showcases that women are and have to equally come forward and extend their enthusiasm to participate in such initiatives.


Twitter took a very professional approach with roots in employer branding. They showcased various women employees in their organization and appreciated their contributions to the organization. Though there was not societal angle in the message but it was good to see an international organization emphasize on women empowerment.


This video by famous food brand is an eye-opener for all males. We are often used to complain about the food that our mothers, wives, sisters make, but have we ever bothered (very few of us would have done it) to appreciate the food when its cooked perfectly? So, with this video brand motivates men to show gratitude and cook for their lady on the Women’s Day and surprise her. A very emotional message conveyed with subtle script.


This video has been my favourite. Though its bit long, but addresses the occasion and also showcases the organization in the best manner. The 2 minutes long film extends gratitude towards its women employees. Its a good employer branding effort and simultaneously highlights how Siemens has been making a difference to various aspects of our life through their various line of businesses.

A.O.Smith India

The last video on my list is a clear stab on all men who try to stereotype women. We have accepted in our lives that some jobs or activities of life are not meant for women. This video highlights few strong examples and tries to remove the stereotype effect that we men try to apply on women. Loved the sarcastic tone of script!

We digital marketers and brand managers do realize the impact of video marketing. However, when comes to an occasion about creating a video, all thoughts fall apart on the messaging the video should convey. Many a times brands end up creating a video that is force fit for the occasion. But the ones highlighted above were very clear with their messaging, communication objective and brand objective to be attained with this contextual video on this Women’s Day.

Hope you enjoyed the above collection. Which one did you like the most from the above? If you came across a better video on Women’s Day, do share the link in comment section.

How Technology Is Disrupting Content Marketing?

The modern marketing industry is no longer the same. Not even what it was four or five years ago. At the center of this revolutionary and dynamic change is the heady rise of technology in the way marketing is done today. This blogpost is focused on how technology has been disrupting Content Marketing over last few years.

Content First, Channels Second

From the good old days of channel oriented approach to marketing, to the current era of real-time content marketing, the industry stands disrupted by technology in many ways than we can imagine. Now, you don’t just create a TV or Print ad, you create content that has the potential to be taken forward across all media, right from a billboard to the brand’s Facebook page, and beyond.

Brand in Focus: Apple (who else?). Despite not being present on social media in India, Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign created a great impact driving home the message they wanted to convey – their camera is really, really powerful. How did they do that? Well, thanks to their integrated approach. Apple created attractive content first and then distributed it to all the possible mediums wherever they exist. You could see user-generate pictures and branded advertisements almost everywhere, from metro pillars to airport lounges to city malls to Television. One unified message to rule it all!

Lesson: Create compelling content, then cross-promote it effectively.

Content First

One Consumer. Multiple Screens

Smartphone. Laptop. Tablet. Television. E-book reader. And what not! Technology has made it possible for content marketers to target consumers with relevant content on multiple screens. You can create a seamless message that can be reinforced in the minds of the consumers multiple times.

Lesson: Have a uniform presence everywhere. Make sure you have a mobile-friendly website, proper business listing review, your site is indexed on search engines, SEO is in place and you’re active on social media for your always-on consumer!

Brand in Focus: General Electric, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, et al. Some of the world’s most popular brands are making sure their presence looks uniform and communication, completely lucid. Everywhere.



The incredible power of technology has empowered the modern-day consumers. They are not just passive receivers of information but are actively looking for reviews, information and feedback on a brand’s products or services, both offline and online. They may visit a brand’s retail store and can appreciate or complain about the customer service right from their Twitter handle. They may fill an inquiry form on the brand’s website and then meet a salesperson for a complete demo of the product they want to purchase.

Lesson: Your customer is everywhere. Listen to them and you’ll be rewarded!

Trend-vertising is In

Real-time content consumption has been possible with the rise of technology. And this gives content marketers a huge opportunity to engage with the fans. Remember the Orea blackout Tweet, which broke almost all Twitter records? When the unfortunate blackout occurred in the middle of the Super Bowl XLVII, Oreo ju

Technology + Creativity = The Future of Content Marketing

In this digital disruption age, when technology continues to change consumer behaviors, innovation in the field of data analytics, software development, and advertising platforms is helping content marketers to create more personalized communication with the consumers and engage with them effectively.

Future of Content Marketing

Programmatic Buying, for example, has helped brands engage with fans across multiple screens, and with rich formats! The ‘Nike Phenomenal Shot’ campaign, which took real-time advertising to the next level, is a classic example of how technology can be used by a brand to wow the fans. Within moments of a memorable shot, Nike was able to deliver immersive 3D displays to fans in various countries, on multiple apps and sites, which they could recreate and share on their social networks! This mobile-driven campaign with over 2 million engagements was a resounding success.

mped in the dialogue and created history by a cleverly designed tweet. All of this, with zero media dollars!

Lesson: When they are watching TV, they’re tweeting as well and ordering food from an app! Be ready to ride the trend and involve your consumers in a conversation. They love to talk!

Well, that’s not all of it!

With the rise of futuristic technologies like the Oculus Rift, Augmented Reality (Pokemon Go game is here, folks), Drones, Wearable Tech and Artificial Intelligence, technology will get more integrated in the lives of consumers. Technology, to say the least, helps in doing purpose-driven content marketing, and that’s its contribution to the marketing industry.

#WorldPhotographyDay – Top 10 Posts on Instagram

19th August is celebrated as #WorldPhotographyDay across the World and the day has gained more awareness specially after the digital penetration. The craze and simplicity of photography has increased over the years thanks to the varied devices that people own. Even a simple mobile phone with a camera can be sufficient for a person interested in photography to show his/her skills. No wonder, the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay kept trending on all social media channels and we could see many of our friends share their photographs from their collection too.

In the digital space, Instagram is the best channel to share photographs and no wonder as and when this blogpost was written the platform received about 36,312 posts on the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay. Thanks to the Top Posts feature of the Instagram, we could easily notice the most engaged images on the platform around the hashtag. I have collated below the same.

Post No. 1 – Jen Selter, famous American fitness model – 185k likes, 3,520+ comments

Jen Selter - famous American fitness model

Jen Selter – famous American fitness model

Post No. 2 – London – An Instagram handle that shared London’s story through breathtaking images – 41k likes, 365 comments


St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

Post No. 3 – CARLiFESTYLE – World famous media outlet for automotive enthusiasts – 34.5k likes, 72 comments

CARLiFESTYLE - Media Outlet for Automotive Enthusiasts

CARLiFESTYLE – Media Outlet for Automotive Enthusiasts

Post No. 4 – Friendscaps – 30k likes, 1100+ comments



Post No. 5 – UFC – 25.4k likes, 260+ comments



Post No. 6 – ESPN – 23k likes, 164+ comments

Cricket being played at Pakistan’s Neelum Valley

Cricket being played at Pakistan’s Neelum Valley

Post No. 7 – International Space Station – 18k likes, 205+ comments

Night view from the International Space Station

Night view from the International Space Station

Post No. 8 – Coca-Cola – 16k likes, 135+ comments

Crowdsourced by Coca-cola from @mystapaki

Crowdsourced by Coca-cola from @mystapaki

Post No. 9 – Toronto MapleLeafs – 13.7k likes, 290+ comments

Mats Sundin

Mats Sundin

Post No. 10 – Classics Daily – 12.7k likes, 92+ comments

'59 Apache

’59 Apache

If you came across some other stunning images, share the url in the comments section.

PS: The engagement stats mentioned for each of the images above may keep changing as time progresses.

Content Marketing Strategy by Google India

The importance of Content Marketing has been done to death. But, fact of the matter is very few brands do it efficiently. In this blogpost, I am sharing the content marketing strategy that Google India has adopted in the past one year. Most of us have watched and admired the Google’s India-Pakistan reunion advertisement. I think many of us have lately also viewed two more videos highlighted in this blogpost. As a marketer / digital marketer / student have you tried to think through the reasons why Google invested behind these videos? Here are few questions to ponder upon – Why was Google focusing on India and creating videos on Indian centric themes? Are these videos going to impact the topline or the bottomline of Google? Will these videos help Google in strengthening its position in Indian markets? Are these videos centered just around Google’s products and services or something more? I hope once you read this blogpost, answers to most of these questions will be self-explanatory.

Now, let’s analyze three videos of Google:

Video 1: India – Pakistan reunion

As and when this blogpost was being written this video had already earned 12.4 million views since it was launched on 13th Nov’13.

I consider this video to be 50% focused on Google’s services (various features) while 50% focused on building emotional connect between the two countries that remain in state of tension for most of the time. The video very well captures various features like Google Search, Google Maps, Google Weather etc. that users can leverage. Most importantly video clearly establishes that these features are also available on mobile devices and its very user-friendly for users to find these information. There have been many reports that highlight that next wave of Internet penetration in India would come from Tier-2, 3 cities and we already have seen reports highlighting the fact that even e-commerce sales are increasing in these cities.

Video 2: Android One – Apni Kismat Apne Haath

As and when this blogpost was being written this video had already earned 2.1 million views since it was launched on 15th Sept’14.

This is another beautiful video were Google tries to boost the confidence of Indian youth population and sends across a strong message of ‘keep moving’ and attain all success in life. While the video also captures cultural diversity that exists in this vast country, the script has been very well crafted by incorporating city names like Dungarpur and Meerut. Hence, it is very well evident that the product that  Google tries to highlight ‘Android One’ is mainly positioned at Tier-2, Tier-3 cities and the brand is cognizant of local needs.

Video 3: #SpecialDelivery – Celebrating unsung heroes of online shopping

This latest video by Google is a fairly new but it has already earned lot of word of mouth. This was launched on 17th Dec’14 and already received over 0.4 million views.

Day in and day out we order various goods from all major and minor e-commerce players in the country. We thrash the player if they fail to deliver the product on time. However, as customers  have we ever thought who are those thousands of delivery men who enable this ecosystem. After I saw this ad, I felt did even e-commerce player ever had plans to thank their countless delivery men who ensure their supply chain doesn’t crash. But, there arrived the thought to Google. They capitalized on the opportunity and also simultaneously tried to fulfill their business objectives – 1) Create awareness about, 2) Entice more e-commerce players to join this festival in the next season, 3) Encourage end customers to shop during GOSF. Hence, I think this video is a classic effort by Google.

One common theme cuts across all three videos analyzed above. Gone are days when brands just focused on products / services to attain their objectives. In this Digitized World, brands need to step up their efforts and focus on how creatively they can leverage the Content Marketing aspects.

I will try to capture some more brands in future blogposts that have done well in this area. Stay tuned and yes don’t be lazy to share your thoughts / comments for me 🙂