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15 Cool Christmas Creatives by brands on Facebook

Gone are days when you could just show a Christmas Tree or Santa Claus and wish your target audience ‘Merry Christmas’. These days brands try to leverage Facebook and other social media platforms during festivals. It’s the content centric era and every brand fights it hard to get it right. It has been imperative for brands to connect with their target audience through their value offerings in a customized manner on special occasions. You would have loved some special Christmas wishes from the brands you interact on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter.

Here are the few best ones that I noticed on popular Facebook pages…

Amul not only came up with full-page print ad in leading newspapers but also replicated the thought on Facebook through this creative video where the Santa Claus face is created with a flowing milk stream.


Merry Christmas from #Amul. #Amul Doodh Peeta Hai India ! 🙂

Posted by Amul on Thursday, 24 December 2015

Paytm goes with a simple GIF, but manages to connect with the services they offer on their website.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! May you be blessed with love, peace & joy!

Posted by Paytm on Thursday, 24 December 2015

This GIF by Maruti is one of my personal favourites. The thought process is very good by displaying all their car models in a single GIF and yet connecting to the occasion.

Drive towards peace, love and joy this Christmas. Wishing you all Merry Christmas.

Posted by Maruti Suzuki Swift on Friday, 25 December 2015

 Samsung Mobiles gets it right with a static image but well designed by showcasing their leading products.

May your Christmas trees be as good looking! #MerryChristmas

Posted by Samsung Mobile India on Thursday, 24 December 2015

There is no doubt that videos make the highest impact. Faasos, one of my favourite brands came up with this video where they demonstrate their skill of quality food.

Twas the night before Christmas and from all of us here, we hope your days be merry and filled with gooey chocolate cheer! #ChristmasEve with #ChocolateFantasy

Posted by Faasos on Thursday, 24 December 2015

 Flipkart wishes its target audience with a simple video but manages to connect with its value offering.

We don’t differentiate between naughty or nice. Go ahead, spread the joy. Flipkart wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Posted by Flipkart on Thursday, 24 December 2015

AirAsia India, connects the elements of Christmas – reindeer, Santa Claus and sleigh in a subtle manner and makes its point very clear.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone from all of us at AirAsia! May this Christmas bring a lot of joy and cheer to your family. 🙂

Posted by AirAsiaIndia on Thursday, 24 December 2015

 Kingfisher‘s this creative is simplest of all, but the thought process deserves an appreciation.

We’re here to spread the Good Times and the Holiday Cheer! Season’s Greetings Everyone!

Posted by Kingfisher on Thursday, 24 December 2015 too takes the video route to wish its fans.

May your days be bright, and your nights be merry. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a happy ending to this great year!

Posted by on Thursday, 24 December 2015

Coca-Cola shows how stockings can be used to store Coke bottles. A great connection between the product and the occasion.

This holiday season, share your small moments of joy over some Coca-Cola. #MerryChristmas

Posted by Coca-Cola on Thursday, 24 December 2015

 Many of us would be aiming to shift jobs post this mid-year appraisal time and connects this situation with Christmas beautifully with this static image.

#NaukriSays Merry Christmas

Posted by on Thursday, 24 December 2015

 Zomato uses spoons, knives, forks and a wine glass to build a Christmas tree.

Have a deliciously merry Christmas!

Posted by Zomato on Thursday, 24 December 2015

A simple video but the effort that Micromax has put in to come up with this content piece deserves an applause.

Make Christmas merrier with loads of fun, frolic and gifts! Wishing you all a very #MerryChristmas.

Posted by Micromax India on Friday, 25 December 2015

 Is the Christmas tree by Dell symbolizing cursor? This GIF creative by Dell highlights all products that they offer.

May this joyful festive season fill happiness everywhere. The Dell team wishes all a #MerryChristmas. ? ???? ????????????????????

Posted by Dell on Thursday, 24 December 2015

This beautiful video message by Hyundai looks as if it is full video shoot. Again a personal favourite of mine.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. We hope to keep steering more happiness into your lives. #Hyundai #MerryChristmas

Posted by Hyundai India on Thursday, 24 December 2015

Post Update (3rd Jan’16): Based on the suggestion from Vinay, including Tetra Pak India’s GIF creative to the list:

This Christmas spread the warmth of ‘Goodness’ with Tetra Pak India. Wishing you all a #MerryChristmas.

Posted by Tetra Pak India on Thursday, 24 December 2015

What’s your favourite from the above? Or in case you came up with some other kick-ass creative, do share it in the comment section.

Happy Holidays!

7 Interesting Earth Day Facebook content

As catches win matches in cricket, images win hearts and drive engagement on social media platforms. Especially these days when all social platforms have increased their focus on mobile and other hand-held devices, the brands have no way but to strengthen their content in terms of eye-grabbing images. The task becomes an uphill during special days when brands want to capture mind space and drive engagement by relating one’s product / service with the occasion. One such day was World Earth Day on 22nd April. Here are few images that some brands created for this day.

National Geographic Channel

National Geographic


The G Talks

The G Talks

Yahoo India

Yahoo India

NDTV GoodTimes

NDTV GoodTimes

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies

Did you come across any other interesting creative? Share the same in the comment box below and I will update the blogpost with them.

Zomato’s Facebook Content Gets Copied!

Time and again, it has been emphasized by many of us that unique and interesting content is what will bring success to a brand on social media space. We have seen some major international brands like Nike, Redbull, Coca Cola investing heavily to come up with lively and interesting content that captured the attention of social media users and left an impression on their minds.

However, it is really sad to see that some brands blindly copy the content from other brand’s Facebook page. I came across the below content from Zomato yesterday and though not been an avid user of their website, I have always loved the effort they put in creating some kick-ass content. Zomato

It is yet another amazing piece by Zomato team. This morning (around 6.30 am) I came across another content from Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen, who were very popular in social media circuit recently for all wrong reasons.

Lemp Brewpub   KitchenIt is very obvious that if you had seen an amazing content last evening and then come across a replica of it within 24 hours, your brain would easily recognize it. I quickly realized that one of them has copied from the other and my heart always vouched that it can’t be Zomato. It is so easy to check the authenticity of the content on social media! I just checked the time stamps of both content and my assumption wasn’t wrong!

Zomato posted that content on 2nd January (Thursday) at 11.19 hours, while the post on Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen was made on the same day (i.e. 2nd January) but at 18.00 hours. Well, seven hours are more than enough to just prepare a replica of an existing content. The worst case is that even the content leading to the image (copy) has been replicated as it is, even without tinkering a single word! 

It was really disheartening to see this practice. This goes beyond my imagination of how could a brand manager / social media manager approve and allow such content to go on the brand page.

Moreover, lets understand both brands, are they competitors? No!! Zomato is an information aggregator and Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen a restaurant, who is listed on Zomato. If the Lemp team found the content on Zomato and as they aren’t competitors, I as a brand manager / social media manager would have loved to simply ‘share’ the content directly from Zomato’s page and add a copy ‘We will help you in achieving this resolution’. This would have addressed following purposes:

1) It wouldn’t have been a copyright infringement by any means

2) Zomato would have acknowledged the efforts of Lemp and in future if Lemp created some kick-ass content, there were high chances that Zomato would have shared it on their Page, which would have eventually earned free publicity for Lemp.

3) It would have sent a strong signal of healthy relationship between Zomato and Lemp.

This incident clearly shows that we brand managers & social media managers though appreciate other’s content, don’t  have an understanding of how to take it forward!

I had decided that I will start the New Year with a positive blogpost and not with a critical piece (as often I am known for and people hate me for it), but this incident made me really sad and I am forced to write this blogpost even before getting ready for my office. Its 7.52 am now!

Note: This blogpost is not written in an effort to demean any brand, but to educate the digital media fraternity about the ill-effects of practicing unwarranted activities.

Brand – Facebook Marriage: Time to Part Ways

If you are a social media professional and managing few brand pages on Facebook, I am sure you would be facing tough time these days with the continuous drop in ‘engaged users’, ‘talking about this’ figures. By now, all reasons and excuses would have exhausted explaining to clients.  Do not worry, you aren’t the only one facing this problem. All this is because of the Facebook’s aim towards providing better consumer experience (at the cost of brand’s investments). Sufficient hue and cry has been raised by industry experts. A research points out that Facebook brand pages have on an average suffered 44% decline in engagement rates. Few online product experts have highlighted how Facebook is collapsing fast and it is high time that they fix themselves in order to become relevant.

The only explanation that Facebook has given is that on a given day, Facebook could show approximately 1,500 stories to a user. As this is a high number, Facebook is doing a ‘social service’ by changing its algorithm in a way that, they decide what I should see. Wow! Isn’t it incredible on part of Facebook to decide what I should see based on my so-called past browsing behaviour on Facebook?

Now, let’s understand how this incredible algorithm tweak is hurting brands. As a brand that has established page on Facebook needs substantial community size, a brand manager / owner would always desire that community gets built in an organic manner. However, we have seen that brand managers / owners do indulge in fan acquisition rat race. So, Facebook earns while all brand managers are busy acquiring fans. Assume you start from zero fans and spend on an average Rs. 5 to acquire a fan, amounting to Rs.500 for 100 fans. Let’s hold for a moment here and understand that brand has spent money with the intention to build community and interact with them. On the other side, community has OPTED to ‘like’ the page and join the community to receive content. So, its a win-win situation for both.

Courtesy: The Keep Calm-O-Matic

Courtesy: The Keep Calm-O-Matic

But, then starts the real game-play by Facebook. As Facebook, claims itself to be user-oriented, somehow they have decided that the content you post on your page would then be visible only to 2-3 people of your 100 fans. Isn’t it a b******t? Here is bait that Facebook offers you in the name of ‘Boost Post’. Once as you have spent money and gathered audience, obviously you would think to make something out of them. In the process, if you would like to increase the reach from 2-3 to say at least 30-40, you need to again pay Facebook.

This is what is beyond explanation to me. If I opt for a room at a hotel, I should get the basic amenities like a towel, toilet soap, an AC, room service etc. The hotel can’t be charging additional money for each and every basic amenity.

As a social network if one is so bothered about user experience, then they should stick with the objective of building user base. I would consider this as a cheap tactic on part of Facebook that they build a user base, attract brands to advertise with them and then make a mockery of their efforts, time and money.

I feel it is high time that brand managers quickly realize this factor and move to other social networks, where at least the network doesn’t penalize brand’s efforts with the banner of ‘providing better user experience’ in hand. Also, some of you would argue that they are the largest social network and how could a brand afford to shun them. Well, the call has to be taken by the brand managers if they want to continuously be trapped in the algorithm change-game of Facebook or try and test other platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or for that matter mobile apps like WeChat, Line.

I only believe that just because you have the largest network, you can’t be autocratic. Well, if Google starts tomorrow to monetize even the organic search results and asks charges to list even in top 50, would you pay? The debate here is about the democracy in information and knowledge-centric ecosystem.

Should CXOs participate actively on social media? – A case study of

We have read the debate many a times in the past if CXOs should participate actively on social media. Many have a viewpoint that they have better things to do for their organization and they can’t be active and so on. But, on the other side we also get to hear about extensive social media presence of some iconic CXOs. Have you wondered, if they should be active on social media?

I will leave it to you to decide, if CXOs should be participating in social media, with this case study of, a cashback and coupons site.

I got introduced to this brand when they contacted me on Twitter and asked to fill up a Google form and assured me of a gift. I did fill the form to see what happens! Few days passed by and I didn’t receive anything from their side. I wondered if they would use my contact details for any other purpose and also went to an extent to think if it was a fraud company. This made me frustrated and I asked the status of my gift on Twitter. A surprise awaited me!

Swati Bhargava, the co-founder of, replied my tweet immediately and assured me that they were working on it. This impressed me a lot. There are very few CXOs in India who are active on social media and more importantly ‘do realize the need to do so’.

My conversation with Swati Bhargava

My conversation with Swati Bhargava

A few days passed by and some other influential Twitterati too wrote about non-receipt of the gift. I too joined the bandwagon again. Once more, I was stunned to see Swati replying back us very promptly and she did her best by re-assuring us that the gift is on the way and we will receive it soon.

Swati's conversation with other influencers

Swati’s conversation with other influencers

On 1st October, while I was working late in office, I noticed the below Facebook post. I thought, gosh! What have these people ( done! They collected details from Twitter influencers and their gift delivery to one of the most popular influencer was delivered in a damaged form, which made him go ahead and post about it on Facebook. The situation was very serious, given the fact that the influencer was very well known on Facebook and hundreds of people interacted with him on any day. There were high chances for to ‘earn free negative publicity’.

Alok Kejriwal's Facebook post

Alok Kejriwal’s Facebook post

Now, what would have a typical CEO of other brand done:

–   Contacted Alok Kejriwal by a private message and requested him to take down the post

–   Compensated in a better manner

–   Blamed the courier company

Haven’t we seen all of the above cheap tactics followed by brands in recent past? Now, that’s what differentiates your brand from your competitors and not your cheesy taglines / well-designed logo etc.

Swati, CEO immediately took control of situation and countered the situation in an effective manner:

–  She ‘accepted the error’, apologized for the inconvenience and also promised to resend the gift.

Swati's reply on Alok Kejriwal's Facebook post

Swati’s reply on Alok Kejriwal’s Facebook post

Look at the reaction above. Did you notice? 12 people who saw that post also liked the reply by Swati. It sends a clear message that people appreciated the efforts of a CEO who promptly responded to a crisis situation.

There she goes ahead and thanks people who appreciated her efforts.

Swati Bhargava's reply on Alok Kejriwal's Facebook post

Swati Bhargava’s reply on Alok Kejriwal’s Facebook post

A cherry on the icing was a networking opportunity!

Networking opportunity

Networking opportunity


–  Gone are the days when CXOs weren’t considered to be active interacting with various stakeholders on a daily basis. There are many CEOs who spend considerable amount of time interacting with variety of people.

–  As a CXO, if you aren’t informed about a particular situation, at least acknowledge the query / complaint and let the person know that there is someone who is listening to you. Believe me it sends a strong positive image.

–  As a CXO if you set an example, there are high chances that other members of your organization would respect social media as a serious platform. This would gradually make an organization more customer-centric.

If you have an opinion that CXOs of larger companies can’t do this exercise in daily routine, fair enough! But, do check this list which names 60 top CEOs in the World who are active on social media. I am proud to see Anand Mahindra on 6th position of this list. So, if you are a CXO and reading this blogpost, do question yourself and if you think you are more successful person & ‘busy’ than Richard Branson and Anand Mahindra, then probably I agree, you won’t have time to be active on social media. May God help you!