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How to Master Growth Hacking?

How to Master Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking, is one of the key buzzwords we keep encountering in today’s entrepreneurial business environment. A simple Google Search of the phrase “Growth Hacking” would yield around 2.95 million searches. Enough has been said and written about it. Yet, has everyone mastered it ? If yes, every other startup in the world would attain… Continue reading »

An exclusive interview with Manu Srikumar, Hustler at ‘denture Capital’

There is no doubt that startup ecosystem in India is buzzing like never before. Hence, we have seen various initiatives around entrepreneurship being nurtured across the country. Rightly so, these initiatives help both budding and established entrepreneurs to network, exchange thoughts and provide a helping hand to each other. Some of the major startup oriented… Continue reading »

10 Key Corporate Lessons from Jungle Book Movie

Is Jungle Book movie just kids’ movie? I thought so before entering the movie hall. But, once I walked out, I realized it had few learning for us adults as well. In fact, I could draw a lot of parallels between jungle situation and corporate environment. In each of the animal characters, I could visualize a type of… Continue reading » Launches Funny TVCs Yet Driving Strong Social Message has been one of my favourite online business model brands that has impressed me in recent times. They recently came up with two TVCs which has been going viral for quite sometime now. Though the pitch that brand made while launching these TVCs was that they are funny and highlighting their value proposition. However,… Continue reading »