My short lived entrepreneurial journey!

By   October 4, 2012

I hope many of you read my blogpost on 30th June about my professional career being at crossroads. Well, it was (yes, was!!) an entrepreneurial journey with lots of learning which came to an end by July 31st! If you are thinking whether it lasted only one month, then “no” is the answer. It was operational since September’2011; however I didn’t make it public about it on my blog or any of social channels, due to some reasons. I could make it public only on 30th June, and due to some reasons had to wind up its operations by 31st July. So, when I look back now to understand why didn’t it work for us, here are few points which I could think of:

• It is difficult to differentiate (yes, it is not as easy in real business life, as easily we are taught “differentiation” in colleges!) your services and we were the nth player in the market
• Credibility matters a lot and it is challenging for entrepreneurs to attain it
• Educational degrees don’t build credibility in business, industry demands application
• Networking helps a lot in getting sufficient number of leads, we didn’t have it
• It is tough to be on two boats at the same time, probably I miscalculated the commitments required. Yes, it was tough to concentrate on both my PhD and venture.
• I didn’t have sufficient financial backup plans, and hence succumbed to the entrepreneurial pressure, which otherwise requires lot of patience.

However, it was a great learning experience and I did enjoy the flavor of being an entrepreneur. So, what’s next in my professional life? I struggled for almost two months to get a satisfactory job assignment and finally, got an offer from AdGlobal360 as a Social Media Strategist. I am joining them from 5th October’2012. My key responsibility would be to frame social media strategies for the brands. I would be managing a team of campaign managers, content writers and creative people.  Apart from this, I have few exciting responsibilities.

I am all excited about this new role and hope to learn a lot.

12 Comments on “My short lived entrepreneurial journey!

  1. Meenu Bhatnagar

    You have been a winner and will always be! our best wishes are with you. These minor stumbling pebbles on your journey to success cannot stop you from being a winner all the way!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. thomas

    better luck next time…just saw the adgobal360 website…creative design, strange content.

    1. Anandan Post author

      Thank you Joe for the feedback. I would convey the same to them. Hope, they would improve it. I can just suggest as a strategist, but all depends on them if and when they want to make those changes.

  3. Deepak Pandit

    Go with teh flow Anandan . I am sure you will find your success in whatever you attempt . Best Wishes .

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