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Cashkaro.com Launches Funny TVCs Yet Driving Strong Social Message

Cashkaro.com has been one of my favourite online business model brands that has impressed me in recent times. They recently came up with two TVCs which has been going viral for quite sometime now. Though the pitch that brand made while launching these TVCs was that they are funny and highlighting their value proposition. However,… Continue reading »

Get Cashback on all Online Shopping from Cashkaro.com

‘Shopping’ – the one term that would bring a million dollar smile on all women and the term that most men dread of (I am not a chauvinist!). Some people enjoy going for a shopping with entire family, while some prefer doing it alone. A few decades back shopping involved family outing, visiting numerable shops… Continue reading »

Should CXOs participate actively on social media? – A case study of Cashkaro.com

We have read the debate many a times in the past if CXOs should participate actively on social media. Many have a viewpoint that they have better things to do for their organization and they can’t be active and so on. But, on the other side we also get to hear about extensive social media… Continue reading »