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Interview on ‘Why Businesses Must Consider Social Media?’ with Vyapaari.in

It is always fun and a proud moment to be interviewed by someone. Recently I was interviewed (by email) by Vyapaari.in an online media property that publishes various informative news, discussions, blogposts, product reviews etc. that are helpful for startups, and small & medium businesses. The theme of interview was Why Businesses Must Consider Social Media?. … Continue reading »

The Indispensable Content Mirage & Internet Economy

Communicating in an effective manner with one’s stakeholders has been a challenge for brands for years. This challenge has further complicated with the variety of digital marketing developments. The objectives of each digital marketing aspect require a well-thought out content strategy. Content could be in the form of text, image, video or in combination of… Continue reading »

How should brands effectively leverage LinkedIn?

When it comes to building a community around a brand, the most obvious channel that comes to the mind of a marketing manager is Facebook, obviously due to its sheer size and popularity. This might be a perfect choice for a B2C brand. However, according to me for a B2B brand it would be more… Continue reading »

Improving Customer Perception of Brands by Active Listening on Twitter

Improving Customer Perception of Brands by Active Listening on Twitter

Many a times, customers wonder how they could interact with brands on social media channels. Further, they wonder if there is any worth in interacting with brands. Twitter is one of the best conversation channels if one had to interact with brands. Moreover, its also important on part of brands to continuously monitor interactions related… Continue reading »