Twitonomy: An impressive Twitter analytics tool

By   October 21, 2012

I have in past tried many Twitter analytics tools like Tweetstats, TwitterCounter and Followerwonk etc., however none of them awed me as much as Twitonomy. Thanks Neha for exposing me to this tool. The moment I logged into this tool, I was simply impressed with the UI, the depth of information that this tool provides free of cost and most importantly the cool graphics through which information is presented. I take you through each section of this tool in the blogpost.

1) Login: Any Twitter user can login this tool with the Twitter account. The home feed of one’s account is shown here and one can easily reply/retweet/favourite/quote the tweet. Also at the top left corner there is an option for users to tweet from here.

2) Homepage / Dashboard: Once you login, you would reach the homepage of the tool, which is also the dashboard of your account. This page has a clear menu right at the top, indicating various elements one can analyze about his/her account. On the right hand top corner, it gives an option to analyze one’s account or someone else’s account. This is a unique feature of this tool that, it provides detailed analysis of not only one’s own account but of any other Twitter user’s account with the same level of details. The home feed of one’s account is visible on bottom left side and it also provides options to “Add a User”, “Add a List” or “Add a Keyword search”.

3) Profile: This page provides all details about one’s account – Tweet Analytics (for the maximum of last 3,200 tweets, which is really amazing number), the frequency of tweets in a graphical manner, users whom one retweeted most, users whom one replied to most, the hashtags that were frequently used, the days and time of the day when tweets were made and the platform that was widely used for tweeting. The top right hand side of the  page provides details about recent tweets, followers, following, lists followed by user, lists  following an users in the dropdown format. Here are the colourful screenshots of all these parameters that are so visually appealing and reader-friendly.

While, Twitter is still thinking of providing an option for users to download their past tweets, this tool has already incorporated that feature along with details about retweets that a particular tweet earned.

4) Mentions & RTs: This section provides trend about mentions and retweets of one’s account. The geographical mapping of mentions is very beautiful and provides a single shot view of from where all in the world are people talking to you. 

5) Followers & Following: The followers and following pages provide a detailed list well presented in a tabular format. The followers list also provides an option to filter “followers you are not following”and “followers you are following”. Similarly, the following page provides a filter option of “people not following you” and “people following you”. These filter options are very helpful for one to identify right people to follow and engage with. 

6) Lists: This page summarizes all the lists one has prepared and the lists that one is following. Each list’s tab has a dropdown feature, wherein all real-time tweets of the members in that lists are shown and just below that, all the members classified in that list are also listed. One can again communicate with those members from the tweet section directly.

The most beautiful feature in the lists section is the “Manage list” part. When one clicks on that, a page with the list of people one is “following” appears in the tabular form. A user can easily classify these people by tick marking in the respective column of lists. The lists titles are represented in short form, but when you hoover over it the full name of list appears. This is such a easy way of classifying multiple people at one go. I wonder why Twitter didn’t think of providing such convenience on its platform. 

The three things that impressed me about Twitonomy are: user-friendly interface, reader-friendly presentation of data in graphical and tabular formats (with colours!) and convenience for instant communication from this platform itself. It is an awesome blend of an analytics tool and a dashboard.

I won’t be surprised if they work on this platform further to incorporate Facebook pages, LinkedIn and other platforms like Pinterest.

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  1. Harmanjit Singh

    Thanks for sharing the detailed description of this tool. Will try it out. 🙂

    1. Anandan Post author

      Hi Hitesh,

      Indeed its a great tool. My organization has subscribed to the tool. The paid version is simply awesome.

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