Valentine’s Day Facebook Contests in India

In my last blogpost “How to Organize Social Media Contests?”, I discussed about few tips that brands should consider while organizing contests on social media channels. And as promised in that blogpost, here I am going to discuss about few Valentine’s Day contests that brands organized. I selected four brands at random – Bluo, Durex, Tata Housing Development & Pizza Hut. Deliberately I chose brands from diverse product categories to have a wider understanding.

 1)      BluO

What Impressed Me:

  • The contest theme was well synced with the service offering. The idea was to make contestants ‘relive’ their past enjoyable experience at the PVR BluO. This would help contestants recall their past visit to the place and may get them motivated to visit it again on the Valentine’s Day.
  • Images are very effective part of a contest strategy and they leveraged it well.
  • Give-away was very relevant and that matched the need of the occasion – ‘a couple dinner’.


How better it could have been:

  • Contest tab wasn’t created which is a basic requirement according to the Facebook guidelines and this contest has violated it.
  • The contest image could have been better with the bowling space. It seems the agency was in a hurry to go live with this contest.
  • The email address on which entries were sought seems to be of an agency that is handling the account, which is not a good practice. A contest specific or a brand name specific email address should have been announced.

2)      Durex

What Impressed Me:

  • Contest tab created as per the Facebook guidelines
  • Very attractive creative images used across the application
  • Message “go beyond words this valentine’s” catches the attention well
  • The entries of the contestants shown and further put to voting, which is a good idea as it generates lot of interest and motivates other people to participate.
  • Very relevant give-away – “Invite to Valentine’s night party”.


3)      Tata Housing Development

What Impressed Me:

  • It is not easy to conduct a contest for a category like real estate on an occasion like Valentine’s Day. But I feel Tata Housing Development did a decent job.
  • The give-away was highly attractive (gift vouchers worth Rs. 25,000/-) and would have drawn attention of many. Though the give-away wasn’t matching the occasion but the high value would have drawn participation.
  • The contest idea was very well connected with the product category as, owning a house is a great feeling for every individual.
  • Attractive and user-friendly contest tabs created adhering the Faceboook guidelines
  • Sufficient leads were collected as Name, Email address and contact numbers were compulsory data to be filled.
  • A combination of text + image contest really drew my attention. We have either seen a contest based on text (share a statement, share a message, etc.) or an image based contest (like we PVR BluO, Durex did), but Tata leveraged both, which is a laudable effort.

 Tata Housing Development Company

How it could have been better

The home and heart connection could have been well extended to the valentine/love also, making it more connected with the occasion

4)      Pizza Hut

 What Impressed Me:

  • The contest was well aligned with their new product launch ‘Heart Shaped Pizzas’. What could have been a better occasion for Pizza Hut to launch it!
  • A subtle way of popularizing their new product.
  • Simple and attractive contest tab was created and a simple image based contest was organized.
  • The entries were shown in the second stage of the application (as Durex also followed). This definitely establishes credibility of the contest and also motivates others to participate.
  • The entries were put to vote with the ‘Choose Your Favourite’ option and also Pizza Hut selected few entries that they thought were good and classified under the ‘Our Favorites’ section.


How better it could have been:

  • Well, I felt sharing a message along with the image would have created more interest in the contest (as Tata Housing Development did).

Key Insights:

As I highlighted in my last blogpost the key points required for a social media contest are:


It was very explicit in the case of PVR BluO and Pizza Hut, to promote their services and products respectively. Obviously the contests run by Durex & Tata Housing Development did have some implicit objectives. Contests should have a sound marketing objective.

Appropriate occasion: The occasion was well leveraged by all the above brands.

Relevant compensation: Compensation like A dinner date, night party, Rs. 25,000 gift voucher were absolutely bang on target.

Respect the social media platform’s guidelines: Three of the above brands did follow the Facebook guidelines. It is necessary to be always on the right side of the guidelines to avoid any future problems.

Did you come across any Valentine’s Day contest that impressed you? Share in the comment section in the interest of all readers!




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