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Research Publications

When I meet someone, I first introduce myself to be a social media researcher. And, I am proud to introduce myself so, as I am one of the few social media researchers in the country who have conducted rigorous research on social media and online marketing topics. My research career began with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and later continued at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon where I enrolled for a full time FPM (equivalent to Ph.D) program.

My academic publication started with few case studies being published at European Case Clearing House and later at Richard Ivery School of Business, both of which are World’s prominent management case study centres. Later when I joined MDI, Gurgaon, I also ventured into publishing academic research articles which were published in peer-reviewed journals. These papers were based on social media, brand management, online community management etc.

The extensive list and details of my publications could be followed here.

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