Are we living an app-filled life?

Clicking pictures, chatting and recording videos are passe activities on mobile. Are you wondering then what’s the new trend? It’s the world of mobile apps (or ‘mobile applications’). Have you realized how many apps did you download in the last one week or last one month? Either we or people in our surroundings could be found cursing mobile device manufacturers for battery discharging, storage issues and worse in case of some low-end mobile phones, the handset itself getting corrupted etc. Ever wondered what could be one of the potential reasons for such problems? More importantly have you noticed how these apps have become an integral part of our lives thanks to repeated TVCs and full-page advertisements in newspapers!

Image Credit: ArtofClick
Image Credit: ArtofClick

Let’s track the daily routine of our life and see how various apps have intruded / facilitated / entertained (you may choose the right adjective) our lives:

Fitness: Gone are days when exercise was a personal activity, now apps allow us to post on our social channels about our daily jog / walk / fitness regimes. Apps like RunKeeper, Endomondo, Nike+, Zombies help us calculate our jog distance, calorie burnt and more importantly allows us to flaunt on social media channels.

News: For some lazy people who skip morning fitness activities may wake up to push notifications of their favourite news channels. Let’s agree that each one of us have installed at least one app to remain updated about the world news.

Commutation to office / college / school: Luckier are those who don’t need to drive to office / college / school, they get additional time in their life to stare at those screens and occasionally smile at them too! While commuting by Delhi Metro I have often noticed people busy with CandyCrush, TempleRun, YouTube or with WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. For those who drive need not worry, apart from the FM option, they could tune into music apps like Gaana or Saavn.

Reached Office / College / School: How could we avoid being updated from our favourite cricket match that’s being played at some part of the World. Ofcourse we have apps like Cricbuzz for our rescue!

How about homemakers? They need not worry at all! The could quickly order their groceries on BigBasket, PepperTap, Grofers etc., while check out delicious recipes on TarlaDalal, AllRecipes, SweetNSpicy etc. Soon they could switch windows and ‘screen-shop’ latest apparels on some shopping apps like Myntra, Flipkart, ShopperStop etc.

Leave apart all above these things we all have apps installed for weather updates, city information (specially those who have moved recently to a new city), local transport (metro / bus / train etc.), horoscope, banking purposes (if you have account in more than one bank…..) and the list goes on and on….

Recently, during a conversation we discussed after all how many apps should a mobile internet user download after all.

Are marketers realizing it?

What are your thoughts?



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