“Be Gujarat’s Brand Ambassador” – Impressive Facebook application on Narendra Modi’s page

We have often seen brands organize contests through applications and sometimes just for fun quotient or gaming aspect some cool apps are created. Narendra Modi, honorable chief minister of Gujarat has launched an impressive application on his Facebook page. This application is titled as “Be Gujarat’s Brand Ambassador” – a very self explanatory title. It is a well thought marketing strategy to crowdsource testimonials from the citizens who are residing in the state or have ever visited the state for any purpose. The citizens could share their stories of how they had a satisfactory experience with the state or could share an idea that the state government could implement. The application is very user-friendly:

The homepage of the application has an impressive dynamic header section.

The second half of the homepage has the excerpts of few stories and the details about the incentives that people can earn.

The success stories are collated in a section, where users could read other’s stories, which holds users for sufficient time on the application.

The user could add his/her story through a very user-friendly form. The category section has identified few areas like Gujarat Tourism, Agricultural Growth, Tribal Development, Quality Education, Power Sector, Women Empowerment, however one add a story from other categories too.

Alternatively, users could also suggest ideas that Gujarat government could work upon to improve the current condition in various sectors.

The highlight of the application which awed me a lot is “Build Your Story” section which helps users to express an elaborate story with the help of few interactive menus. I tried with Power sector and experienced a very user friendly way of feeding information, which the application uses to build an elaborate description in the end. The screenshot of the steps through which I went could be seen below.

My take:

Concept: It’s a superb way to crowdsource testimonials and suggestions from the citizens of the state. Instead of a political party doing all the talking, they are empowering citizens to be brand ambassadors. In a way I feel its a good strategy to empower people & make them feel good in sharing their experiences and ideas.

Incentive: He is a charismatic leader and given a chance there would be hardly any who wouldn’t want to meet him. The incentive that four people would get a chance to meet him in person would simply pull the crowd to participate in the application.

User friendliness: Its very simple and any layman could use it to its effectiveness. The “Build Your Story” simply impressed me a lot, which facilitates people to a great extent to participate in the story.

Stickiness: I feel its a good decision to showcase the stories and ideas of other users, which increases the stickiness of the application. Users could know what others have shared and could recall similar incidents from their life and in the mean process they are spending good amount of time on the application.

The Only Worry:

I didn’t submit any of my story / idea, but it seems that the submissions don’t go through a moderation process. If they aren’t really so, then there are chances that some political rivals might use this application to spread negative word of mouth. I hope this has been accounted for in the application (though not visible in a transparent manner).

Where they could have done better?

The application could have included Gujarati version too, to gain more participation and virality from the citizens erstwhile. 

If you have used this application and found few more points that I missed to share here, do add in the comment section.

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