Brand associations with festivals on Social Media

Festivals are a good time for brands to generate some engagement on social media. I won’t feel shy to share my opinion that some brands literally wait for festivals to share a visually appealing image and hope for the engagement through it. The next few months in India would be full of festivals, starting with Ganesh Chaturthi, followed by Navratri, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. As a brand (especially B2C brand) one could leverage this for emotional connect with the stakeholders of the brand and may be also expect some spikes in sales. So, what all can a brand do or the activities that brands have done so far during festivals are:

  • Share an image with message about the festival.
  • Share an image with the colour that resembles their brand (specially done by ‘green brands’)
  • Add brand’s logo on the image with the festival message.
  • Share an offer along with the festival message.

I feel any or all of the above ways to express and build emotional connect with stakeholders, looks passive in today’s world as anyone with decent knowledge about Internet and image editing software like Photoshop could do these. How can a brand differentiate its message from other brands and yet build an effective emotional connect?

Wouldn’t it be better to connect the value proposition of the brand with the festival message? If you are wondering how it could be done, here are few examples that I found on my Facebook Newsfeed on the occasion of today’s Ganesh Chaturthi festival. These messages were just different and garnered my attention than other run-of-the-mill festival messages from other brands.

I am sure you would clearly identify the brand’s value proposition in the manner they have exhibited through the message. I personally liked the Zomato’s message, where an image has a story in itself with a strong impact.

Which one did you like?

Wagon R





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4 Replies to “Brand associations with festivals on Social Media”

  1. Interesting and informative article on brands building an effective emotional connect. I liked the Wagon R message because it has again a complete and intelligent story.

  2. Nice Andandan,… I too uses social media especially FB to promote my Financial Planning(FP) ,, but never thought about effectively use festivals to convey importance of FP … Thanx for such a great idea..

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