Brands leveraging #ChennaiFloods to market themselves

Rains have created a havoc scenario in Chennai for last one month. Hundreds lost their lives and thousands stranded. Here came a perfect opportunity for marketers to create a space for themselves in Chennai residents’ minds. It all started with the news that was published highlighting Ola’s contribution to the society. Ola ferried boats free of cost and helped people evacuate from flooded areas.

With the recent spell of rains since 30th Nov, more marketers joined the bandwagon. Here are few prominent brands who are lending their hands to the Chennai.

It is indeed a positive gesture for brands to help Chennai people, but they need to get the message, tone and offering right. If any of the three (message/tone/offering) is perceived to be transactional in nature, it could backfire.

I will keep adding other examples here. In case you come across any brand offering help, please do comment below and I will incorporate them in this blogpost.

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