Bajaj Electricals – #MagicofLight Campaign

Bajaj Electricals – #MagicofLight Campaign

In the last week of June’17 Bajaj Electricals launches its latest campaign – #MagicofLight. The campaign consisted of three animated videos coupled with storytelling. The major theme was how Bajaj Electricals fueled penetration of electricity in the rural parts of India and thereby helped in betterment of rural population’s lives. The strong animated storytelling approach garnered attention of large number of audience on online platforms. Before we get into the details of the campaign execution, lets first  understand the possible need or the motivation for this campaign.

As per Bloomberg’s January 25, 2017 article, the harsh truth of India is about 240 million Indians  residing in 50 million rural homes don’t have access to electricity. If we consider latest numbers from Govt. of India’s website still around 43 million households in rural India is awaiting electricity to reach them. Also, according to World Bank only 79.2% (as of 2014) of India’s population has access to electricity.Hence, we could conclude that yes someone has to take up the responsibility apart from the government in ensuring rural India gets electricity at the earliest. My guess if Bajaj Electricals having a strong historical presence of over 50 years in India, decided to ride on this fact.

Campaign Review:

The below review would be focused on all key digital marketing elements – Digital Strategy, Campaign Name, Landing Page, Media Promotions and Campaign ROI.

Digital Strategy: 

Campaign Name: This plays a crucial role in the campaign success as it helps in campaign registration and recall in future. A basic search

Landing Page: The purpose of landing page should always be to engage with the audience that got exposed to the brand campaign. It shouldn’t act just as a checklist asset in the digital campaign, which seems to be the case in the present Bajaj Electricals – #MagicofLight campaign. As a user when I visited the landing page, I was clueless on what should be my next action. The only useful information available on landing page was the below infographic that details the contributions made by Bajaj Electricals.

Bajaj Electricals

The lack of user engagement on landing page means, users would bounce off the page immediately. In digital terms, I would term it as a huge loss considering the fact that all the effort to educate users about the brand, bring them to the landing page goes for a toss when users aren’t able to answer – ‘What’s in it for me?’ or ‘What should I do next?’. This poor execution does reflect in the webpage metrics shown below.

Bajaj Electricals - #MagicofLight

PS: Not sure, why I didn’t publish this last year. Just found this is draft stage!

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