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Cleartrip and Makemytrip…travel with Social Media, but not without blunders!!!

India’s largest and leading two portals for travel booking – Cleartrip & Makemytrip too have tried their fortune with social media platforms. Cleartrip has its profile on Facebook and Twitter. Also, Cleartrip has tried to maintain its own corporate blog. Cleartrip as of date has 2195 members on its facebook fan page and 1788 members follow cleartrip on its twitter fan page. However, surprising element is that there is no mention of cleartrip’s presence on social media on its corporate website homepage. This clearly shows the lack of clarity of using the social media. If a website has presence on social media makes a silly mistake of not highlighting it on its corporate website, how would its millions of customers come to know about its presence….and cleartrip is simply under utilizing its resources. Further, though 1788 members follow cleartrip, only 17 members are followed in return by Cleartrip, which again is a funny mistake. Its really difficult to understand why cleartrip hasn’t made an effort to follow back atleast 1788 members, who follows its fanpage….this is so crucial because people often tweet about their travel details on twitter, which could be a useful information for cleartrip to reach that member with attractive offers….This again shows the under-utilization or the lack of understanding of Indian corporates in utilizing social media.

The closest competitor of Cleartrip, Makemytrip.com has also not been far away from joining the social media bandwagon. It has maintained two profile pages (Makemytrip & Makemytrip Deals) on Facebook. The first profile page has about 140 fans and the second one has 605 fans. Similar to Cleartrip, one would hardly find an indication on its corporate website that they have presence on social media platforms. However, I found that Makemytrip Deals page was very active and their team instantly responded to the queries placed by members, which was missing in Cleartrip fan page, so one could say that atleast makemytrip is managing its fanpage in a much better manner. Also makemytrip has twitter account and has maintained multiple profile pages – Makemytrip Deals, Makemytripcare. Similar to facebook, makemytrip is very active on twitter accounts and has tweets at regular intervals, which cleartrip lacks to a great extent.

My understanding of this small exercise is that its not the presence on social media matters, but what matters is the extent to which you get engaged with your members (read prospective customers!!!) and make them feel the purpose of your presence…Hope, other companies do not make such silly blunders!!!!

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  1. To add to your comments, although make my trip does run operational accounts on the two most active platforms, they do not own up to customer feedback, and no action is taken against the same on more than one occasions.

    Unfortunately, the power of social media remains undiscovered by MMT and the like. Rather than turning prospects into customers, they are risking losing current customers by giving them a platform that they themselves do not take very seriously.

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