Coca Cola spreading Happiness & Social Message through ‘Haan Haan Mein Crazy Hun’ Campaign

Coca Cola has been one of the favourite brands for both consumers and marketing professionals. The brand has always carved its way through the clutter and has made its mark on the target audience through various novel communication messages. I am (Probably you too are!) very impressed with their new series of ads that focus on making strangers happy. The series has a very cute and easy to remember jingle (in Hindi language) – ‘Haan haan mein crazy hun’ (which means ‘Yes I am crazy’). This positioning is slightly different from the earlier ones where Coca Cola focused on celebrating events with your near and dear ones. But, this new positioning has expanded the circumference of one’s happiness from own friends/relatives to any stranger you find on the road. Being a marketer, I found some kick-ass marketing lessons from this campaign series, which would be take away of this blogpost. However, let’s see these three different ads from the same campaign:

TVC 1:

This campaign covers the wide range of strangers from a person waiting for a public transportation, to a gatekeeper of a restaurant to a Santa Clauz offering gifts etc. The brand sends a strong message with taglines like ‘If being kind to stranger seems crazy; Then call me Crazy!’ & ‘Are you crazy enough to make the World happier?’

TVC 2:

In this TVC they leveraged the starcast of the movie ‘Student of the Year’, but emphasized a strong message. We generally treat restaurant bearers as just another set of non-existing servants (to be very frank) and few end up giving money as tip. However, this ad clearly emphasizes the humanitarian aspects of the bearer and sends a clear message that even they work hard in their roles and we should treat them as fellow human beings.

 TVC 3:

Yes, we consumers never get satisfied with few options, and given a chance would like to try out the entire assortment at the shop before end up buying one (or may be still not buying anything). We think, we are the customer and it’s the duty of the person to show as many sample as possible. But, at the same time have we ever thought how many such (pesky) customers does that particular salesman (and his team) serve? No! This ad in a subtle manner emphasizes the need to respect every person around you and bring a smile on their face.

Marketing Implications

1)      Social Message: Even the most educated people these days have maids at their place for what not reasons and MANY of them ill-treat these maids. The younger generation (the major target audience of Coca Cola) is made to realize the importance of humanity. I am sure this is a huge step by a global brand for a societal cause.

2)      Target audience: Coca Cola is not only targeting now with their regular customers but also trying to reach its non-consumers. Yes, there are many people on this earth who haven’t tasted Coca Cola for variety of reasons. But, if they get to taste this product through someone who cares for the society, these non-consumers would be sampled! All this is happening without any extra cost on part of Coca Cola, but at the cost of their regular customers who are now brand ambassadors!

3)      Increased sales: If this ad gets registered even amongst 1% of total viewers and if even 10% of those 1% viewers decide to practice this when they are out next time, imagine the increased spend by a consumer! They are now not only purchasing few bottles for themselves and their friends but also for a person or two around them.

If this campaign series has touched (as a customer) / brought smile on your face (as a customer) & impressed you (as a marketing professional) do share your thoughts in the comment section below and let the Happiness spread!

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