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Did you miss out these World Population Day campaigns?

Every year 11th July is marked as World Population Day. Marketers usually wait (or rather keep track) of such international days to run contextual campaigns. But do marketers think about the relevance of these days and the brand connect? Well, we usually see a force-fit by marketers in order to win over their FOMO. In this blogpost, which I am writing after almost eight months, I will cover few creative that brands shared on their social handles.

World Population Day

While researching about history of World Population Day, I stumbled upon UNFPA website. In 1968, for the first time it was globally affirmed that family planning is a human right. 11th July, 2018 marked 50th anniversary of this declaration and hence this year the theme of this day was declared as ‘Family Planning is a Human Right’. The below video captures the key instances from the 1968 conference.

A few brands and institutions also tried to share their take on #WorldPopulationDay. Here are few interesting messages that I came across.

United Nations tried to remove misconceptions about few contraceptive methods that are believed to be effective.

World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized a strong message that if women are allowed to plan their fertility, they could plan their futures well.

Flipkart came up with this interesting creative which could easily connect to the tech audience.

Ministry of Health, India took this opportunity to create awareness about various contraceptive options that are available to both men and women in today’s world.

How could it be possible that the occasion is around World Population Day and condom brands don’t leverage it. Durex and Manforce two major brands in the country came up with best of their creative juices for the day.

National Geographic, India communicated an interesting fact about world population and also kind of raised an alarm about forecasted India’s population.

The one common message each of the brand / organization has tried to emphasize is that women should be given the right to plan her fertility and hence the future. It is unfortunate that still in many parts of the world, women are seen as baby producing machines and very little justice is given to their health. Let’s hope through such regular activities many people start thinking in a sane manner and give women their duty rights.


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