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Digital Campaign Review: Raymond #MenInJackets

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I recently came across #MenInJackets Raymond Campaign on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, the professional networking platform has made news on various fronts both at India and global level. Like any other social networking platform, LinkedIn too has various revenue generation streams from business marketing and recruitment marketing perspectives. Some advertisement opportunities are very specific to B2B businesses while some properties are very relevant for organizations to build their employer brand. Apart from these two broad types of paid opportunities, there is a display banner property on the home page of LinkedIn (you would have seen a small square on right hand side panel). Generally, every time you refresh the home page of LinkedIn you will end up seeing a different ad. Most of these ads when run by B2B organizations, they carry a call to action where the user is redirected to some internal page of LinkedIn – be it company page or careers section etc. However, these ads if you would have noticed some B2C brands that tend to target ‘professionals’ have tried to leverage this property and have primarily taken the user out of LinkedIn ecosystem to their own website for various purposes.

Yesterday, while browsing LinkedIn one such ad of Raymond Campaign caught my attention and I clicked on it (I missed taking snapshot of that ad). Not to my surprise, I landed up on the Raymond Select website. The website had amazing welcome page with a clear and crisp copy explaining users why and what he/she is supposed to do on this website.


I could enter this website only after logging in through my LinkedIn account, which I believe was a very simple call to action and an intelligent one, as brand would be capturing all user data in the back-end to analyze if they ended up having the right target audience go through this experience. Raymond could use all those intelligence for their future campaigns.

Once I entered the website (after log in) I was subjected to posed five questions.These questions were presented in a very visually appealing manner and I had to just select one correct answer and move ahead to answer the next one.





The best part of this question repository was that the set of questions changed every time you tried to attempt this game. I tried playing it thrice with the intuition that set of questions will change in the next iteration and they did! Here are few questions that I came across over my three attempts.

Once I completed the game, the application provided my score and it gave me an opportunity to share about my experience on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with the campaign hashtag – #MenInJackets.


Also, the correct answers for all five questions were revealed to me.

Raymond_Correct Answers

Major attractions of the campaign:

  • Targeting the right audience (professionals who can afford to buy Raymond range of clothes), on right platform (LinkedIn), with the right proposition (get your professional image clicked for free from a professional photographer)
  • Clutter free website with crisp copy on each page
  • Questions presented in a visually appealing manner
  • Raymond

Where Raymond could have done better:

  • I couldn’t find remarketing tags on the website. I think after driving huge traffic from LinkedIn at a premium rate (CPCs and CTRs are very premium on LinkedIn) it would have been efficient for Raymond to create a remarketing list and chase those users with next piece of content to engage with them.
  • Raymond has a decent presence on Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest. However, I think they could have leveraged a lot on this campaign by creating a presence on Twitter, specially as there are many conversations on the platform around the hashtag – #MenInJackets
  • This was an awesome opportunity for brand to conduct in depth listening exercise and get into engagement mode with the target audience, which I see is completely missing
  • Raymond Campaign succeeded well in creating an engaging proposition, but I fail to understand how they missed the bus of engaging their audience in real time

Raymond_Message Sharing

Overall, I loved this simple concept which was very well executed and rightly targeted on the relevant platform.

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