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Five Digital Marketing Doctors Campaign in the post COVID-19 period

Doctors, Nurses and medical staff played a crucial role in the war against COVID-19 pandemic. They worked tirelessly for the human mankind. Probably, this was the first time we all realized their importance so much and praised their commitment to society in the best manner. Starting with the PM’s request to thank all frontline staff who sacrificed their family leisure and were fighting the pandemic for extended hours and risking their life. In the process we lost around 500 doctors to the dreadful disease. These numbers are just of doctors, but there would be numerous other medical staff including nurses, lab technicians, ambulance drivers, floor staff etc. who would have lost their lives to the pandemic. Their families have faced irreparable loss.

Many brands jumped on to this context and came up with doctors campaign to pay their tributes. Here is a collection of few video doctors campaigns that I came across.

JK Super Cement

In this campaign a COVID-19 recovered patient is shown being discharged from the hospital. But, while he prepares to get discharged, he overhears a lady doctor’s video call with her kid. He realizes that the lady doctor can’t go home and celebrate the festival with her daughter, while he is about to go home. He recollects how the lady doctor helped him recover from the dreadful diseases. The patient goes and makes all arrangement at hospital and surprises the doctor. The video ends with an emotional talk by doctor’s daughter where she highlights the importance of doctors and how they played a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19.

Sun Pharma

Its a one minute video where, in the beginning various disease survivors right from cancer, heart, accident, COVID-19 etc. praise the efforts of the doctors. And the video ends with Sun Pharma branding.


The video highlights what type of searches are happening on Google related to doctors. It highlights how people searched in various ways to help doctors, nurses, hospitals, medical staffs in return of the tireless service the entire medical fraternity provided, by risking their lives. The video also had a clear call out to citizens of the country to stay home and reduce the risk of infection, while the doctors, nurses and medical staff are at work fighting the pandemic. Also, at the end Google highlighted how we can donate and help the cause. As a marketer one can pick up cues if they plan to run a doctors campaign in the future from this video.

Star Plus

Its a sober video by Star Plus, one of the major TV channels in India. The video showcases some of the most well-known actors from the TV series world. They highlight how a doctor’s life is compared to ours and they sacrifice their personal life for the betterment of the larger society. In the end, video ends highlights the campaign hashtag #ThankYouDoctors, which was also one of the most common hashtags during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This was the best campaign that I liked amongst the all others doctors campaigns cited above. This video had everything in it – a good emotional connect (I am sure you will have tears at the end of watching it), great product placement from a marketing standpoint and good connect with the overall story of the video. The videos showcases a very casual family talk between the mother (who is the doctor) and her kids and husband. Kids are shown very relaxed and to have accepted the pandemic situation and the fact that their mother will be away from home for a long period. The kids and their father are shown cooking various food items and each item has an iD product well integrated to the context.

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