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Dream11 #YeGameHaiMahaan Campaign Review

Cricket is the largest followed religion in India. The year 2019 was like a boon for the cricket followers in India. This year Cricket World Cup’19 followed soon after the two months long IPL season. Effectively, it was four months of back to back cricket. Dream11 , a fantasy sports platform from India made the most of this cricket season. Dream11 offer fantasy platform around games like Cricket, Hockey, Football, NBA and Kabbadi.

They were heavy on TV advertising. While some brands made just one or two videos for the four months long cricket season, Dream11 came up with a content battery. Their storytelling approach capturing every element of cricket game is truly appreciable. Dream11 entertained audience by covering various facets of the game. Most of the cricket fans or otherwise would easily relate to these themes. They talked about cricket pitch, bat, ball, crowd, floodlight, TV showroom owner, etc. Here’s a quick walk through the memory lane of all nine videos that you must have mostly encountered while enjoying IPL and/or Cricket World Cup matches.

The underlying theme was to show respect to any and everyone who facilitated and supported the game. The protagonists in these video take utmost level of risk and/or effort to ensure their friends enjoy the game.


The first of the nine videos, was perfectly in sync with IPL context. As most of the IPL matches, are played under the lights, this video established the importance of floodlight. The protagonist takes enough risk to ensure there is enough light on the cricket pitch for his friends to have a good game.


Cricket crazy fans would just need a strip of land, to get started with the game. A narrow lane, a bit space on terrace, roadside footpath, balcony of a flat, an aisle space in office, and garden walkway etc. could become a cricket pitch for many of us. In this video, Dream11 showcase the risk that people take to find the best possible place to play and enjoy the game. The protagonist risks herself to move the car parked in front of the stumps drawn on the wall. Her efforts paves way for a free cricket pitch to enjoy the game.


Well, bat is an inherent part of the game. We would have used a stick, notepad or even hockey sticks to play cricket. A youngster’s struggle to find a flat wooden stick (which is the shape of a cricket bat) usually used by washermen to clean clothes is beautifully showcased in this video. His friends show their broken bat and the washerman allows the youngster to take his wooden stick.


Playing cricket in an awkward places meant higher probability of losing the ball. We all would have struggled to find the ball that got lost in bushes, garden, neighbor’s courtyard, and nearby drain etc. In this video Dream11 exhibit the effort a youth puts in to find the lost ball. He commands respect from his friends.


How many of us would dirty our hand in a puddle for a cricket game? Very few! But, this Dream11 video highlights a guy’s effort in dirtying his hands for the game. It definitely means a lot.

Stumps – Old Friends Version

Another story around stumps. We often didn’t get a proper set of stumps to play cricket. But, it never hampered us from playing cricket. A variety of makeshift stumps came to our rescue – be it a cycle’s wheel, bricks stacked one above the other, an empty wooden box, a sheet of metal standing between the bricks and so on. This Dream11 video showcases how the protagonist smuggles the chair, for it to be used as stumps.


Spectators in live cricket matches are often seen painted themselves with national flag colours, national animal painting etc. Its a great feeling to sport yourself for the team you tend to support. Dream11 salutes those individuals who help the spectators get ready for such events.

TV showroom owner

I still remember those days when it was evident that India is batting when you saw a huge crowd outside a TV showroom or a small retailer shop with TV. Its still a practice in many small towns. Though, many of us have moved on to watch the live match on our handsets, Dream11 beautifully touches upon this nuance. Its a great way to respect those facilitators who help spectators on the move to catch a quick glimpse of an ongoing cricket match.

Cheerful Spectators

A cricket game is never complete without a bunch of spectators around. How many times have we peeked from our car or flat balcony to see a gully cricket? We cheer aloud for the team we support. Dream11 pays its respect to the spectators without whom the game would be incomplete.

I would be surprised if no more videos follow as part of this campaign. There are a few more stakeholders who play a crucial role in the game of cricket – umpires, scorers, support staff, substitute fielders etc. Dream11 can definitely build a story on these stakeholders and reinforce their importance to the cricket game.


A long campaign needs continuous seeding of varied content. It may not be wise to continue a same content piece for long period (three to four months).

Storytelling by touching upon various aspects of a topic or theme helps to reinforce the message.

TV still is a key media vehicle in the country. This campaign was primarily led by TV, not to ignore the huge spends Dream11 would have incurred in getting this story across.

The business impact in terms of brand recall, app downloads, engagement rate on the app, revenues should be mapped against the TV spends to access the ROI. The spike around search volumes of ‘Dream11’ and ‘Dream 11’ around IPL season, indicates that this high decibel TV campaign led to many searches for the brand.

It needs to be seen how Dream11 continues the momentum going forward with the subsequent campaigns.

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