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Drone Videos of Bharat (India): During COVID-19 Lockdown

Drone Videos from India

25th March’2020!

Yes, the day when the country with over 130 crore population came to a standstill and locked into their houses. The culprit was the infamous COVID-19 or widely known as Coronavirus. In this blogpost I am going to share some breath taking drone videos of some of the largest Indian cities.

The every buzzing cities of the country had a deserted look and deafening silence. However, all these negative aspects couldn’t take away the beauty of these cities from us.

Drone Videos from India

Thanks to some of the creative souls who came forward to capture these cities with the help of drone videos. Its always amazing to experience the beauty of one’s city through these videos, while we would have casually ignored them earlier during our hustling lifestyle.

If you haven’t come across these drone videos earlier, here’s a collection of them.


Mumbai or Aamchi Mumbai, has been my favorite video, may be because I love this city too much. Though, I have never stayed in this city, but it always remains by dream city like for millions others.


I came across two drone videos for Chennai, or Singara Chennai, as its widely known.


Hyderabad or the City or Nizams or the Biryani Capital looks glorious in this video where key historical monuments feature along with some new age buildings like IKEA.


My current city or Namma Bengaluru looks beautiful in this video. The scenic beauty of the city has come out very well in a glorified manner in this drone video.


I couldn’t come across a decent video for Delhi. In case you have come across any, please do comment with the link in the comments section. I will definitely include the same to enrich this list. Which one of the drone videos touched you the most?

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