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Flashback of 2014!

Generally people write this kind of blogpost either in the last week of December or in the first week of January. Though, I intended to wrap this one in the last week of December, my busy work schedule delayed this. It is always fun and moment of deep breath when we look back the 365 days that we traversed. Some moments would be cherished for lifetime, while we wish to forget some. Every day we learn, unlearn and relearn some or other aspects of life / profession / society etc. We easily incorporate some of them as part of life, while fail to even possess slightest of memory regarding some. Here is a sneak peek of how my 2014 went by. Its actually tough to list down each and every event / activity. I have just listed down the ones I remember and I think made an impact to me as a person or to my profession.

January: The year started with a bang on professional front. I was lucky to work on Teacher’s India social media project. We helped them launch their new TVC through social channels in a big way. It was my first exposure to media planning and truly this would go down my memory lanes for long time. Thanks to my then team member Praveen, who played a crucial role in ensuring this campaign went well.

February: This month made me realize value of life and the nature’s command over human life, on a real adventure trip to Rishikesh. It was an absolutely fun-filled trip with my entire ZenithOptimedia gang. Someone rightly said, ‘fortune favors the brave’; I was terrified of getting drowned as I have a severe water-phobia, but was pulled in by the other members. And guess what? Our raft toppled! Those 60 odd seconds under the raft would make any one realize the value of one’s life and how helpless are we against nature’s power!

Rishikesh trip

March – April: What to say about these months! Cracked the #CoolestInterviewEver campaign by HCL Technologies and was offered a one year assignment with the company. Never expected to win this campaign, in fact started off very casually. But, once I entered the top 100, I thought I had a chance and gave my best. The innovativeness of the campaign was the true motivator for me to participate in the campaign.


During my last few days at ZenithOptimedia had the opportunity to launch Viber in India. We ran some beautiful campaigns to launch the brand in India and I cannot forget those 48 hours when I was almost glued to laptop screens and single-handedly was running customer support for the brand through their Twitter handle. Just the love for Twitter platform kept me going on and on for those two days.

May: Finally the D-day arrived on 12th May when I stepped into HCL Technologies with heaps of mixed feelings. I was super excited to join such a huge company for the first time in my life.

HCL Technologies

June: At work I was through a grueling time busy preparing the annual plan for the forthcoming year. But personal life had something special to offer. It is a proud moment for every parent when their child is all set for school. Jeevan joined school and like other kids gave a tough time to Pheba. But, it was a sweet sense of achievement for both of us as he started going school.


July: A special month as I successfully roped (trapped!) Abhinav as my team member at HCL. We both worked together on a project at AdGlobal360 and he amazed me with his sense of commitment, presence of mind and restlessness! He is such a busy guy on floor that every manager would feel proud of having him in the team. I am sincerely thankful to him for joining me and initiating the Spartan army 😉


August: Always a special month as both I and Jeevan celebrate our birthdays in this month. Jeevan turned three and for the first time I was away on his birthday. But, my birthday was made special by my young, shy team member  – Arpita Das. I was shocked to see my desk decorated and almost for a second felt as if I reached some other floor. Never in past received this kind of treatment, thanks to all hard work that she put in.

Birthday Collage

September: My first campaign at HCL on its culture #ideapreneurship went live. No matter how experienced you are, its always a new day. Started off the campaign with my own tweetchat and gradually it picked up steam.

#ideapreneurship tweetchat

Thanks to HCL, we all went for an offsite to Goa. Though a short trip, it was a welcome break for everyone. The key event of this month was my shift to Noida. It was a tough decision to make after staying at Gurgaon for last five years. After months of debate finally had to take this decision, but it definitely helped me in focusing on next few month’s work.

October: It was a satisfactory month as our initial efforts on HCLTECH career page revamp saw the light of the day. Our hours of hard work in the previous three months was getting noticed and the preparations began for largest media plan I ever worked.

November: HCLTech launched an innovative recruitment campaign – #HiralVideos. This campaign would be close my heart and I am sure Abhinav would too feel so. We had put in everything we had for this campaign and ensured it resulted into resounding success. Those 30 days comprised of – hours of discussions, hard negotiations with media partners, endless follow-ups with various teams and sleepless nights all just for this campaign to be recognized. We not only over achieved our targets by over 100% but also earned heaps of recognition in the media.

December: In short a travel month! For last ten days I literally traveled across the length and breadth of the country – Delhi – Jamshedpur – Delhi – Ahmedabad – Delhi – Chennai – Delhi. The professional achievement that got encapsulated in this travel itinerary was 10th guest lecture of my career and I am thankful to XLRI, Jamshedpur for the same. The Chennai trip happened after two years and helped me connect with my young nephew, sister and grandmother.
South India trip

Overall it was a fantastic year on professional grounds. On academic front I had two opportunities to teach at XLRI Jamshedpur, once at Great Lakes, Gurgaon and once at IMI, Delhi. Moreover, I managed to submit the thesis, which was one step ahead towards the ultimate milestone of earning the degree. Hoping 2015 will be fruitful from academic perspective too and I get to complete my long pending FPM work!

6 thoughts on “Flashback of 2014!”

  1. And you nailed it again! The best part of the entire story of your 2014 is your “COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF” . If i’ll say there are very few people in my life that I’ve met who are as inspiring as you then I’l be lying..cz i’m being dead honest..not very few..you are the “ONLY PERSON’ I’ve met who has been a true inspiration to me! There is a lot that can be learnt from you! Professionally as I always say…u r not just a manager..u r a True LEADER!
    Having worked with you for quite a while now there is one thing which I’ve seen which u’v not mentioned in your flashback.. “the loneliness” “the sacrifices” u’ve made to achieve the milestones you have mentioned here… !!
    From your teaching assignments, Jeevan’s schooling..trip to Chennai..job in HCL… achievements in campaigns.. I’ve seen u.. working ur ass off !! winters…summers…rain…storm.. fire..water…downfalls…failures…bad days…to and fro on bike…trains…early flights..late cabs… away from wife and kid…what all and what not… NOTHING STOPPED you from EXECUTION of your plans!! You just kept going !! Like we say… Like a “zombie” Only a person with “INHUMAN CAPABILITIES” can bear those tough phases and come out as tough as mentioned in your write up !!
    Our profession takes us together how far that only time will tell…but our personal life is going together for ages for sure 🙂 Stay blessed..Stay fit.. & have a great 2015 year ahead !!
    PS: I’m gaining interest in writing now 😛

  2. Awsome Anandan! Looks like you had a fun filled and rocking year! Wish you loads of successful and happy tears to come! Happy 2015!

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