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Ford Conveys Strong Messages through #DiscoverMoreInYou Campaign

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Ford #DiscoverMoreInYou campaign

An usual TVC or video campaign by an automobile brand focuses primarily on the car features. Well, Ford took an alternative route during the Cricket World Cup ’19 with their #DiscoverMoreInYou campaign.

The campaign involved three videos, each of comparatively longer duration than an otherwise TVC of 15 or 30 secs. The videos were of 44 secs, 51 secs, and 60 secs. I am sure, most of you would have guessed that such long videos are usually storytelling driven, rather than just laden with product features.

Ford’s recent #DiscoverMoreInYou campaign pivoted around strong societal issues. The key messaging was around driving one’s personal discovery towards becoming a responsible citizen. The plots chosen are very much related to each one of us. Many a times, we would have been in such situations and might have responded in an unforgiving manner. But, this campaign forces us to look within ourselves and helps us evaluate such situations with a fresh perspective.

So, here are the three key issues highlighted in the #DiscoverMoreInYou campaign through three videos – 1) Road Rage, 2) Road Accident Victims, 3) Child Adoption by Single Women. Let’s get into the depth of each concept.

Avoid Road Rage

Around 1.49 lakhs people lost their lives in India due to 4.61 lakhs road accidents in India. Further alarming numbers are – 1,388 deaths and 4,702 people injured in 2015, due to road rage related assaults. The reason for road rage could be various, but in the heat of moment, we tend to lose control on our thought process and end up committing a crime. Eventually, not only the person involved in the road rage, but also his family gets disturbed.

In this first video of #DiscoverMoreInYou campaign, Ford highlights how the protagonist calms down and makes a sensible decision to avoid a potential road rage. Its a strong message to each one of us. We all tend to be in hurry and lose concentration while driving. This leads to unnecessary road rage and ultimately not helping anyone.

Help Road Accident Victims

How many times have we seen a road accident victim suffer from pain and agony? Have we stopped to help them? Rarely! Why? Because, we all fear from the subsequent police inquiries and other hassles one might have to go through. A law commission highlighted that 50% of road accident victims can be saved, if they were admitted to a hospital within the first hour of an accident. In order to encourage a society-centric responsible behavior, the Central Government of India has introduced Jeevan Raksha Padak to samaritans who engage in such activities.

Riding on this fact, Ford sends across a strong message through #DiscoverMoreInYou campaign that we should be more considerate towards road accident victims and help them in a timely manner. In this video, a kid plays the protagonist role, where he forces his father to rethink his decision while he avoids to help an accident victim. If each of one try to follow this gentle behavior, a few more lives can be saved.

Be Considerate

Child adoption is still a taboo in India for married couples. And, child adoption by a single woman is even more a complex issue. However, central government has been facilitating single women in this endeavor. As per Child Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), around 817 single women registered for child adoption, of which 457 were above 40 years of age.

In the final video of #DiscoverMoreInYou campaign, a young single woman discloses her wish to adopt a child to his father. After a brief pause, father accepts her decision. Ford highlights how we should re-discover ourselves in such situations, where a new thought is required unlike traditional viewpoints.

Campaign Extension on Social Media

Ford beautifully extended the #DiscoverMoreInYou campaign on Twitter and sustained conversations around the campaign hashtag.

Campaign Background

The brand’s idea behind the campaign can be understood from the below quote.

Our latest campaign – Discover The More in You – draws from experiences of our customers for whom these situations in their Ford SUV led to self-discovery, making them choose what was right . Not only does it reflect a progressive outlook to societal issues but also a special aspect of human-machine interaction.

as quoted by Rahul Gautam to AdGully

Did users love this campaign?

Well, each of the video has received a minimum of 40 million views and counting. Also, many users showed their love and appreciation towards this campaign.

Final Video

The campaign ended with an amazing poetry video in Hindi language. The central theme was reaching out to loved ones through the age old lanes of the cities. It was indeed surprising to see the subtitles also in Hinglish. Not sure, how many of the South Indian consumers comprehended or appreciated the real poetry in the video.

My Take

I think was a great campaign to ride on key societal issues. Being an automobile brand, Ford showed its responsibility towards two key themes – road rage and helping road accident victims. The third concept on child adoption was a great message, but I feel it was an offset to the product category. A few more relevant themes could have been around pollution caused by vehicle, following traffic signals, fuel conservation, respecting car mechanics, where personal discovery is definitely a need of an hour.

Last time, I noticed an automobile brand run an emotional campaign was by Hyundai – Brilliant Moment Campaign. I am sure you will enjoy reading that too!

Edit: ‘Final Video’ section on 21st August’19.

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