Friendship Day Digital Marketing Campaigns

Friendship Day Digital Marketing Campaigns

Friendship Day is yet another key day when we could see brands building emotional digital marketing campaigns. Here is a quick round up of some friendship day digital marketing campaigns that I noticed.

Digital Marketing campaigns primarily could be classified into below themes –

1) Engagement Campaigns (where sole objective is to drive word of mouth and engagement around a central theme),

2) Product-Centered Campaigns (where the objective is to promote a product / service)

3) Emotional Appeal Campaigns (where a brand tries to build a strong bond with the community at large)

A few satire based communication messages were also noticed in this year’s friendship day campaigns.

I have segregated the campaigns into above themes as per the patterns that I could relate with.

Engagement Driven Friendship Day Campaigns

It’s an itching moment for brands to plan for an engagement campaign on social media channels around an upcoming opportunity like that of Friendship Day. Here are some of the engagement driven social media campaigns that were planned by some brands.

Kingfisher #KFBeerUp

As far as my memory goes, Kingfisher year after year has been conducting such campaigns where they try to engage various cities in the country to win for #KFBeerUp event. This time they chose Friendship Day.


Dell India

Dell came up with four tweets, one each with different scenario and asking users to tag their friends who matched to each of these scenarios.

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians (MI) engaged its fans with a creative contest, where two MI players’ faces where superimposed on each other. A fan was asked to guess those two players and reply with campaign hashtag – #MIBuddies

ICICI Lombard

When will brands get over this selfies craze? Come on guys its such a passe now!

Himalaya India

Himalaya India gave some exercise to brains on a fun-filled joyous moment.

Product-Centered Campaigns

Some brands no matter how hard they try, they always end up prioritizing their products / services over the occasion. Many a times its a conscious decision on part of brand managers, which is always debatable between agencies and the brands. Here are the few brands who couldn’t distance themselves (or managed to cling with their products / services) during this year’s friendship day campaign.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Cadbury’s had a well-planned, simplistic and yet effective content calendar. The central theme of the campaign was around over interference of social media in friendship and how trivial can such a strong bond get into, in these tech savvy days. It all started with a video Facebook Cover Video as early as on 20th July.  This was followed by a teaser post and then with a short 20 seconds video. Regular interest was driven as days neared the D-day with a carousel post and other posts with campaign hashtag #RealDosti. Everything ended with three Facebook Live videos of their live event.

Friendship Day Campaigns


Nilkamal did try some bit of storytelling, but yes ended up showcasing their products in the most effective manner through this short 20 secs video.

Durex India

Well, this brand never disappoints our expectations!

Garnier Men India

After seeing this video, I just thought, was this the best that Garnier’s agency could do with Tiger Shroff?


Especially when Netflix is finding it hard to make its ground in India, I thought they could have done much better than this video, that gives a feeling it was scrambled at last minute.

Emotional Appeal

Domino’s Pizza India

The video by Domino’s managed to showcase the strength of friendship bond by tracing the friendship journey from childhood to adulthood. However, I guess script could have been much sharper to justify the 30 seconds video length. And yeah, product integration towards end was a good fit.

Ola Cabs

This has been one of the best campaigns I have noticed this year. It was indeed well planned with a teaser content (two days prior to friendship day), followed by launch of three 60 seconds videos focused on three psychographic audiences – Job Seekers, Young Nerds, Women Travellers. The key message of sharing a common connection amongst fellow travellers (in a share cab) came out very well with the videos and the hard hitting hashtag – #FarakPadtaHai.


A satirical communication message was a clearly distinct amongst all friendship day campaigns in this year.


Firstpost India

We all have different kinds of friends in our lives. Firstpost brought alive all these types of friends through this hilarious video (I am sure you will enjoy watching it!).

A special mention goes to Sudarsan Pattnaik, an International Sand Artist and Padma Shree Awardee’s creation at Puri beach. Riding on current tension between India and China, this artist appealed both countries to join hands and let peace prevail across the border.


Which of these campaigns did you like the most? Or have some other favourite campaign that ruled your mind? Share it in comment section, will add it to the above list.

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