Get Cashback on all Online Shopping from

Get Cashback on all Online Shopping from

‘Shopping’ – the one term that would bring a million dollar smile on all women and the term that most men dread of (I am not a chauvinist!). Some people enjoy going for a shopping with entire family, while some prefer doing it alone. A few decades back shopping involved family outing, visiting numerable shops located in narrow lanes, negotiating prices etc. The scenario has changed completely in the modern world. A couple of years ago, organized retail or commonly known as ‘malls’ reduced the efforts of the shoppers.

In recent years, technology has further eased the time consuming shopping process to just few clicks, thanks to the number of online shopping portals that have sprouted. In today’s hectic work-life environment consumers are facilitated with online shopping, convenient payment mechanisms, timely delivery, option for returning ordered goods all on the go. The online shopping phenomenon which started as a fad has now been widely accepted by the modern customers as the most convenient way of shopping.

The e-commerce space in India is buzzing with Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, and a few more category specific online portals like,, and so on. The entire online space is being competitive and tough for each player to differentiate themselves from each other.

One company that thought to innovate and add further value to the customers is As highlighted in the 2nd paragraph almost all e-commerce players provide the standard pre-purchase and post-purchase facilities. But, came up with the proposition of ‘cashback’. Now, I hope that made your eyes wide open! Yes, you can earn a decent cashback (and in some cases they offer coupons over and above the cashback) on all purchases you do online, if you reach the destination website via Even I was surprised and thrilled to know about this option and thought to try it out.

So, the first step would be to reach the and they have a user-friendly home page that guides user to various activities without any clutter.

India's No.1 Cashback & Coupons site

The next step is to search for a particular online portal or you may also browse through the list under the tab ‘Cashback & Coupons’.

Once you choose particular portal, you will be directed to a page that lists a variety of options to choose from based on the cashback and coupons combinations and the expiry days left.

Once you choose a particular option and click on it, you will get to see the following screen that has a message indicating that you don’t have to do anything else and you will be quickly redirected to the online portal you intended to shop from.

The later steps are as usual you would perform on that particular portal. Now, you might think how would know if you have earned a cashback or not! sends you a mail clearly stating the cashback that you have earned, within 72 hours of your transaction (that is the time they take to get confirmation from the retailer about your order).

It also gets reflected on your account summary on As per the policy of, this cashback will be available for payment within a maximum time period of three months from the shopping date, considering the return policies of the online shopping portal. Also, you need to have earned a minimum cashback of Rs.250 on your account for payment.

The usual logic would be that if you detour, you lose something, but in case of, if you detour through them, you earn some cashback, which I think is a very valuable proposition. The three things that I loved about and that would make me stick to them are:

a) User-friendly website, without much clutter

b) Comprehensive list of online portals and gives me an opportunity to try out other players apart from the usual destinations I used to shop from

c) Very prompt customer service on their social media channels be it Facebook page or Twitter handle. At times I have seen their co-founder Swati Bhargava reply the queries on these social media handles, which made me blog about her here.


a) I am not an employee of or any way related to their business

b) They are not my client and I don’t handle their social media activities

c) This blogpost is written in the interest of online shopaholics and as an entry for the Blog Karo, Cash Karo contest organized by

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