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Google Refine Keywords Feature: Keyword Planning Tool

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Google Refine Keywords

Google Refine Keywords feature is a boon for many digital marketers who are focused on SEM or Google Adwords tool. This feature helps professionals to save lot of time while they are engaged with the keyword research step for SEO or SEM activity. If you are coming across this feature for the first time, the below details would guide you on how to use it better in your daily keyword research activity.

What is Google Refine Keywords feature?

Earlier, anyone who is conducting keyword research analysis had to go through a long list of keywords usually in thousands. One had to classify these keywords as either Brand keywords or Non-Brand keywords or Category Player keywords in the excel file and then later filter them for further use. However, with the latest Google Refine Keywords feature helps to reduce this effort, and provides various filters to ease out these steps.

Once you enter the keywords for which you are aiming for keyword volume, apart from the volume table that we usually get, these days Google also provides few filters on the right hand side of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below. If you notice here, for the keyword ‘home loan’, Google provides filters like ‘Brand or Non-Brand’, ‘Loan’ and ‘Others’. Lets get into details of each of these filters.

Google Refine Keywords

Non-Brand vs Brand Keywords

The first filter helps one to quickly filter out the results into Non-Brand and Brand keywords. If you are looking for only non-brand or generic keywords, you could un-check the brand keywords option and the results in the table would then reflect only the non-brand or generic keywords and vice versa. By selecting just Brand Keywords and un-checking Non-Brand keywords once could easily get the list of brands that are competing for the given keyword and sieve them out quickly compared to the long list of non-brand or generic keywords.

Similar Category Players

The next filter in the Google Refine Keywords feature helps you notice other related brands that couldn’t fit into the ‘Brand Keywords’ classification. Usually in this filter one could get industry aggregators or other significant players that play a crucial role in the target industry. For instance in the below screenshot brands like policybazaar, edelweiss feature.

Related Category Keywords

The third filter is usually related to the category to which the main keyword belongs to. In this example I have entered ‘home loan’ and Google assumes it to belong to ‘loan category’, hence in this filter its showing other loan related keywords like ‘housing loan’, ‘mortgage loan’, ‘land loan’, ‘construction loan’, ‘home improvement loan’ etc. These keywords further help to filter the necessary keywords as per one’s necessity.

Other Keywords

The final filter in the Google Refine Keywords feature lists the other keywords that couldn’t fit into any of the above filters. The volume of these keywords is usually very less and can be safely ignored. However, it will help to quickly glance through them, before completely ruling them out.

I have personally used this Google Refine Keywords feature many a times recently and found it to be super useful. The Category grouping and keywords listed in the ‘Others’ section might change basis the keyword that you enter, so please focus on them. Overall, if these filters are used effectively it can help one to save a lot of time and quickly complete the Keyword Research activity.

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