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How should brands effectively leverage LinkedIn?

When it comes to building a community around a brand, the most obvious channel that comes to the mind of a marketing manager is Facebook, obviously due to its sheer size and popularity. This might be a perfect choice for a B2C brand. However, according to me for a B2B brand it would be more beneficial to have a strong presence on LinkedIn, where the decision makers are flocking around. LinkedIn is a professional network where not only brands can build their presence using Company Pages feature, but key decision makers of a brand can network, discuss and build relationships with decision makers of their customers, suppliers and other affiliates.

The different features of LinkedIn like Company Pages, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Jobs can be effectively leveraged by brands to nurture a valuable community. I recently blogged about the same on Social Samosa. The blogpost highlights following topics:

  • Should brands create a LinkedIn profile or a LinkedIn company page?
  • How does a Company Page look like?
  • How to build followers on your Company Page?
  • What should be the content strategy for the Company Page?
  • Is Company Page the only way for brands to build community?

If you have come across any impressive Company Page on LinkedIn, share the link here in comment section.


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