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How to build a Digital Marketing Career?

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Digital Marketing Career Prospects

Digital marketing career is one of the most sought after career option by many youngsters, thanks to the spiraling digital penetration. Especially after the COVID-19 impact many marketing professionals from sales, marketing domain who had tough time with their job roles due to retrenchment of furloughs, have started to eye digital marketing. There was no doubt about the penetration of digital marketing, but it has gained more steam since March 2020 or since the country went into the lockdown. We all have been ordering more online, transacting more online and suddenly there has been spurt of online shopping, payments, entertainment etc. The future for digital marketing definitely is bright and with every new innovation hitting the market at regular intervals the challenges in the domain too are increasing with every passing day.

Recently Sooraj Divakaran I and who keep exchanging thoughts on the recent developments of the digital marketing industry, conducted a webinar for youngsters who were planning to build a digital marketing career. Sooraj and I both have been in industry for over a decade now. Sooraj was mostly on the brand or corporate side, while I have been mostly on agency side of the business.

Digital Marketing Career

The idea behind this webinar was to share inputs from our respective diverse digital marketing career graphs. We are often approached by many young professionals to seek tips on starting digital marketing career. We compiled frequently asked questions and conducted this webinar.

In this one hour webinar we first started by introducing the various aspects of digital marketing field including SEM, SEO, Social Media, Display Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Advertising etc. We followed this introduction by detailing the value chain of the digital marketing industry, which consists of stakeholders – clients, agencies, publishers and customers.

Then we moved to explain how the the life of digital marketer differs between brand and agency side. The second half of the webinar was focused on what skills youngsters should focus to build while aiming to build a promising digital marketing career.

There are plethora of opportunities these days for youngsters aiming to start their career in the digital marketing domain. We talked about a few of them and shared tips to crack interviews.

Finally, we ended the webinar by emphasizing the need to strengthen one’s personal brand in this hyper competitive job environment. The webinar was well received and attended by over 45 participants and the feedback kept us going. Basis the feedback, we conducted the second webinar exclusively focused on Personal Branding, which I will cover in the next blogpost.

Sharing below the presentation and the video recording of the session. If you are newbie to the digital marketing domain, this will be of immense help to you. Alternatively, share this blogpost link with the newbies in your network.

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