Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign Review – A Must Know Campaign!

Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign Review – A Must Know Campaign!

I am sure very few of us would have missed Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign in the last few months. And if indeed you have missed to notice it, or didn’t come across it, this is going to be an interesting and thought provoking read for you.  Is it that easy for a brand to launch two videos within a span of 20 days, each of them earning over 200 million views and over 18,000 crowd sourced moments? Sounds impossible, right? Here’s a brand that defied all traditional marketing principles to a large extent and has set itself for a case study, at least for few years in future. I have been following this campaign closely for last three months and controlled myself to not blog about it, till the campaign reaches its peak. I must admit, I am simply in awe of the team that was behind this campaign. So, before I go into the details of unique aspects of Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign, let me take you through the background of this campaign.


Hyundai Motors India Limited, in order to commemorate their 20 years of presence in India, came up with Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign. Hyundai wanted to reinforce the fact that, it being No.2 car manufacturer in India, was the most trusted, cared and loved car manufacturer in the country. The campaign included few videos, engagement driven activities and so on. Well, what was on offer for customers? – a) free comprehensive car inspection, b) 10% discount on spare parts, c) 20% discount on mechanical labour, oil and value added services.

Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign Review

Strategy – Some brands strategize well, but falter on execution. While some ace the execution part, but miss to tie it back to an effective strategy. Its tough to hit that sweet spot, and I think Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign achieved it at ease, ofcourse with a lot of midnight oil burning, which reflects in the flawless execution. It was a great occasion for Hyundai and they wanted to make the most of it, by thanking their past customers and building a strong impact on the minds of prospective car customers. The campaign was well strategized into three phases of video launch – 1) Two video launches, with a gap of 20 days between them, 2) Crowd-source content from users, 3) Drive engagement through voting of Top 10 crowd-sourced videos.

Key Messaging – The success of a campaign lies in what message it tries to communicate to its customers and other stakeholders. Car though in marketing parlance is considered to be a high involvement product, I feel for the end user its much more than that, which can’t be encapsulated in a marketing jargon term. Its a matter of pride, sense of achievement, status symbol, emotion, way of showing love (when parents / siblings gift it) and so on. We have seen many car brands ride upon these emotions.

The key messages of the campaign were ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Selflessness’. Nostalgia might sound to be ‘a must emotional take’ for a brand celebrating its 20 years existence. And both videos of Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign did very well on that front. The first video captured nostalgic feelings of a son about his childhood. Well, the key to me was the ‘selflessness’ element. The second video beautifully showcased how a government job aspirant, went out of his way to help the army man reach his destination and serve the country. While even the first video, has the hint of selflessness, where the determined son, respects his parent’s emotions and drops the idea of selling the car, it rode high on nostalgia. So with a perfect blend of nostalgia and selflessness, Hyundai conveyed the message in a perfect manner.

I felt Hyundai showcased its commitment and selflessness to the customers over the last 20 years. The storytelling route weaved around nostalgia and selflessness ended up in rich videos, which deserved to cross 200 million views each.

Two Emotional Video Content –  The two videos of Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign played the key role in building the buzz about the campaign. The key highlights of the videos were –

a) Both videos were meant for only digital channels and not used for TV promotion. So, it was a digital ONLY campaign, while many of the brands are trying to build a digital first campaign. I think its a huge bet that the brand took and speaks volume about the digital media’s power to swing awareness and consideration for such a high involvement product.

b) Long storytelling videos – first video of 4 mins 45 secs and the second video of 2 mins 51 secs. Any traditional marketer would think twice before signing off a 4 mins plus video.

c) Unforced Product Fitment – This is a crucial lens through which I often evaluate such videos that are based on emotional school of thought. Often we have seen that product is forcibly fit into an otherwise emotional film and we would ponder, why the hell the product was introduced into a beautiful emotional film. In such cases, we end up remembering video more than the product / service. How many times have we failed to recollect the brand, but try to take cues from their film/video content to recollect? In this case of Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign, both videos were tightly wound around the product. Not a single moment throughout the length of video one would feel that they aren’t engaged with the product. I felt the product was the protagonist and all other characters in both films revolved around it. If you haven’t watched them yet, watch them here.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Campaign Microsite – Every campaign needs an impact destination. The campaign microsite was highly engaging. The infographic of key Hyundai milestones, depicted as mountainous road was simply well thought of.









In the later phases of the campaign, microsite was updated with key consumer engagement initiatives across social media platforms and on the microsite. The crowd sourced entries were voted by users at large. All these actions were very transparent to the community as it was well captured on the microsite.

Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign








Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign









Paid Media – Big occasions such as these need big platform to announce about it. Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign was given that boost with the help of the YouTube masthead property. Secondly, to drive 200 million odd views on two videos does need some paid promotions of the video itself. It was very well complimented with other engagement activities.Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign

Crowd sourced content – The campaign is still alive even after it started four months back. The crowd sourced ‘Hyundai Brilliant Moments’ are being converted into videos and are hosted on Hyundai’s YouTube channel. One must understand and appreciate the investment of time, energy and resources that the Hyundai brand team and its creative agency is making to sustain this campaign. Unlike other campaigns that came with a bang and fizzed out post few weeks, Hyundai has shown utmost level of commitment in bringing alive their customers’ stories through beautiful narrative storytelling videos.

Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign

Campaign Buzz – Right after the launch of first video, many publications covered the campaign. It resulted into a perfect surround effect for the campaign and the platform was well set, before the launch of the second video. The campaign coverage was done by  Exchange4media, Business Standard, Livemint, DailyhuntSocial Samosa, Motoring World, Carwale, IndiaCarNews, BestMediaInfo, IndiaCarToday, TeamBHP, AdAgeIndia to name a few.

The word of mouth or campaign coverage didn’t stop there. The campaign earned even more laurel, post launch of second video. You could read some of those coverages – Branding in Asia, India Today, BestMediaInfo, Campaign Brief Asia, Economic Times, News18, NDTV  and so on.

I feel its worth the wait that I had to blog about this campaign. Though it looks complete to me as of now, I won’t be surprised if the Hyundai brand team pulls out another card from their thinking hats, like they did with the latest video! With just 10 million views, this is one more video as part of the Hyundai Brilliant Moments Campaign. In this video the latest achievements of India across various categories like air force, sports, election, space research etc are highlighted. The key message in the video is ‘India Waqt Se Aage Chal’ (India Move Ahead of the Time).

I strongly believe we marketers aren’t going to witness such a well thought high impact campaign at least for few months now. Kudos to the Hyundai team and their creative, media partners!


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