Interview on ‘Why Businesses Must Consider Social Media?’ with

It is always fun and a proud moment to be interviewed by someone. Recently I was interviewed (by email) by an online media property that publishes various informative news, discussions, blogposts, product reviews etc. that are helpful for startups, and small & medium businesses.

The theme of interview was Why Businesses Must Consider Social Media? In this interview I shared my views on following topics:

  1. Relevance of social media for startup and SME businesses in India
  2. Differential advantage that brands can reap from social meia viz-a-viz traditional media channels
  3. Importance of specific social media channels for SME businesses
  4. Effectiveness of social media for B2C vs B2B businesses
  5. Metrics to measure effectiveness of social media campaigns
  6. Crucial role that content plays in social media strategy
  7. Proportion of social media in the overall marketing budget

Read the interview here, and I hope the thoughts expressed by me in the interview are helpful.

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