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Kaya Skin Clinic’s Social Media Endeavor

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Ever heard of a Skin Clinic imbibed in the social media wave to market its products and services???? Yes, it happened in India, Kaya Skin Clinic in July, 2009 joined hands with Windchimes Communications to market a new campaign on “Bridal” package. Kaya Skin Clinic is one of the country’s largest skin clinic chain with more than 100 clinics operating across 26 cities in India and 13 clinics in Middle East. Understanding the distinct importance of marriage in Indian culture, Kaya Skin Clinic launched a special “Bridal Package” in July, 2009 and decided to take social media route for its promotion. Windchimes helped Kaya in the entry to social media, by creating company profile page on Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, they also created and posted an informative video on YouTube. As of writing this post, Kaya has about 1,000 followers and Kaya is following 951 fans on Twitter and so far they have exchanged 563 tweets in approx. 9 months, which indicates that efforts by Kaya have not been let down by its fans. Kaya has maintained two profile pages on Facebook – one for Indian fans and another for Middle East fans. Surprisingly, there are only four fans on Indian page, while there are about 287 fans on Middle East page.

It would be too early to comment whether Kaya’s efforts have been paid off, but its good to see traditional Indian companies (as Kaya is an arm of Marico) believing in the potential of social media and joining the bandwagon….I would love to see many more jumping in……

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