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LinkedIn MTV ‘Get A Job’ Campaign

As usual while browsing through my Twitter timeline, I came across a tweet by Intel India about some internship position. The hashtag, #GetAJob drew my attention and the curiosity within me went after researching what it was. It might be that I am the last person on the Earth to know about this campaign. In that case, just feel free to stop reading this blogpost and move on! Else, just keep reading and get to know what I experienced and think about this campaign.

I landed upon a campaign website and was spell-bound to know that LinkedIn and MTV have joined hands together to provide a ‘cool summer internship’. Now, that sounded unusual as how can a music / entertainment company join with a professional networking website to run such an intern-hunt. So, this further fuelled the curiosity. And, I finally got to know that both these diverse but leaders in their industry have come together and involved 10 other organizations for this campaign. The branding and other technical details which I will discuss below clearly indicated that the campaign was a brainchild of LinkedIn and their objectives were either all or some of these – 1) Increase penetration of LinkedIn in India, 2) Make youngsters realize the importance of LinkedIn as part of their career ladder, 3) Drive awareness about cool new jobs that are available and that are getting created day-in and day-out by top brands and 4) Set a sound case study on social recruitment in a country (India) where still resumes / CVs rule the hiring manager’s desk etc. I would be eager to know from LinkedIn / MTV team if I missed any of the objectives.

Campaign website

Campaign website

The campaign website is very attractive and clearly lists the 12 internship positions that are available in diverse organizations like Pepsi (Platform Marketing Intern), Reliance (Social Media Intern), Rolling Stone (Editorial Intern), Tata Consultancy Services (Enterprise Game Design Intern), Flipkart (Management Trainee), Mercedes-Benz (Security Analyst Intern), Intel (Circuit Design Intern), Loreal (Brand Marketing Intern), LinkedIn (Product Marketing Intern), Universal Music (Digital Media Intern), MTV (Show Production Intern) and Grey Group (Copywriting Intern). Virtually the campaign has touched upon all industries that would be of keen interest to youngsters of 2015! A very convincing campaign video was also made available on the website.


18 year old candidates with Indian citizenship (read: campaign was restricted only for Indian audience) were required to be enrolled for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Application Procedure

How to Apply?

Here came the trick! Candidates were required to apply only through their LinkedIn profile. If the candidates didn’t have a LinkedIn profile, they were asked to create one and then apply. A user-friendly guidance video with to-do list for candidates to create their LinkedIn profile was made available.

LinkedIn MTV Get A Job selection procedure

What happens Next?

The shortlisted applicants would be asked to send a short video highlighting why they are best suited for the job. This would be followed by Group Discussion / Skill Test for top five applicants and finally interview by hiring manager for final 2. Eventually one applicant would manage to get the dream internship.

My views:

1) This campaign would help LinkedIn establish the fact that their platform is crucial for today’s employment scenario. I think this would also ease the efforts of LinkedIn to come closer to the Indian corporate fraternity. LinkedIn would use this campaign as a leverage to touch base with few other organizations who haven’t tried LinkedIn’s products so far.

2) This would be a one more stepping stone for social recruitment space in the country, hence forcing hiring managers to think seriously about this space for their hiring needs

3) I struggled to a large extent and yet didn’t manage to find the timelines for the campaign. There was no end date for the applications to be submitted or some tentative dates for the next rounds. However, it is clearly mentioned that the internship could be for four months and would be between April and July.

4) Though it would have an intentional strategy, I feel both LinkedIn and MTV should have made explicit for this courtship which to my mind looks confusing. On the first sight I felt as if the campaign is for MTV and LinkedIn is sponsoring it. But, once I browsed through the website it was clear that many other brands have joined for this cause. The association of MTV still remains a mystery to me at least!

5) Some element of gamification for each of the roles on this campaign website itself would have further increased engagement scope for the applicants and would have driven word of mouth (through social sharing) much faster and wider. Moreover, this gamification step in itself could have acted as an intermediary step for evaluation.

Overall, I felt this was a great initiative specially targeted towards the youth!

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