Marketing Automation Infographic by Salesforce

Marketing Automation Infographic by Salesforce

‘Marketing Automation’ the favorite jargon these days, be it a LinkedIn post, a keynote speech, a webinar, a blogpost or a whitepaper. Is it just about automating marketing? Let’s see what this Marketing Automation infographic by Salesforce detail. But, before that let’s take a step back.

Even just a decade ago, most marketing decisions were made by a marketing department. They plotted out different mailers or phone campaigns. Maybe, just maybe, they had a website in which they could announce things but they probably didn’t have anything organized in terms of email campaigns or social media output.

My, how things have changed. Now, marketing campaigns have to do a lot of things that are interconnected in order to even be mildly effective. They need to coordinate across a lot of different mediums and websites, from Twitter to email and more. And they have to have multiple levels of appeal; it’s not just enough to reach out to one group, but marketing has to be personalized in ways that could never have been possible before. So, with every passing day and with new media channels emerging, marketing has become a complex web.

Hence, the urge to reach the unique customer, simplify their experience and ensure they convert are no more substitutes of each other. A complete package is required to ensure best business results. Marketing Automation tools help a marketer in not just automating campaigns but also to understand the target audience, their behavior on the website and equips the marketer to customize the experience in the best possible manner.

However, while there are a lot of tools, not enough companies are using them. What does marketing automation look like? This interesting Marketing Automation Infographic by Salesforce explains it in a lucid manner.

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