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Now ‘create’ presentations directly on Slideshare!

Slideshare has been quite extensively leveraged by B2B firms, academicians and people at large for descriptive information sharing. Slideshare facilitates information sharing in four different types of content – 1) document, 2) presentation, 3) infographics and 4) videos. Users could upload their content in any of these forms and share it across the stakeholders for information dissemination.

Recently, Slideshare came up with a new feature along with Haiku Deck , where users could now create a presentation directly on Slideshare.  This blogpost is intended to take users through the features available through this new update.

How do you visit this feature?

As soon as one visits the Slideshare website on the top right hand corner just besides the ‘Upload’ tab you would find a spark type symbol, on which if hovered it reads ‘Create Beautiful Presentations’. Alternatively you could access this new feature directly with this url – www.slideshare.net/create

Welcome Message 

Once you take either of above action to reach the feature, you will see a beautiful page with a simple messaging that highlights this new feature. Slideshare create your presentation on Slideshare


Accept the disclaimers to enter feature

Slideshare will prompt you with few simple disclaimers that you will have to accept while accessing this feature for the first time.

Slideshare Haiku Deck











Get Going!

You will reach the following screen where you could just begin creating presentation. As of now, primarily three features are available for you to create a presentation – 1) Slide type, 2) Background 3) Layout of text on the slide.

Slideshare click to edit


Choose Slide Type

The default option shows what different types of slides you can choose – a) Title slide, b) content with bullets, c) content with serial numbers and d) plain content

Slideshare Haiku Deck Slide type








Choose slide background

The next option on toolbox is where you can choose the text background – five default colors are shown in the menu.

Slideshare Haiku Deck Theme Color











Choose chart type

In case you would like to add few charts in the presentation, few options are available for the same too.

Slideshare Haiku Deck Chart Type








Insert images as text background

If you would like to have a customized background on your slides, you could upload your image. Slideshare provides extensive list of sources from where you can fetch the image you would want.


Slideshare Haiku upload image


Choose layout

You could also choose the layout of text content on each slide with this option. This is same as right/left/centre alignment feature on a word document, however with few more options depending on the slide type you chose in the first step.

Slideshare Haiku Deck Choose  a Layout











Preview and Publish

That’s it! Your presentation is ready for preview and publishing.

My Comments

I did try to create one presentation with this feature. It is indeed a simple user experience and very facilitating for the people to create quick presentations. However, I feel following changes would further enable users to create much better presentations:

1) Font type and size – I couldn’t find any feature that could help me change the font type or size. Though, the text boxes are responsive and they adjust the size of font based on the content added, an added feature will always be handy for the user.

2) Flexibility in content layout: The default layout options provided are very limited and if a user wants to place the content at a different place, it can’t be done in present settings.

3) Insert Image:  Images are prime component of any presentation. Though, there is an option to upload slide background, I couldn’t find any option to insert an image to my slide. I feel this option is very important from user perspective so that they could customize the presentation and make it more engaging.

Overall, a great initiative by Slideshare to empower users! I am sure they would keep working on this initiative and make it more powerful.



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  1. Helpful, informative and usual the simplest way to learn something new which is your forte, sir. Love reading it and will try creating a presentation.

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