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Now we have Indian case studies on social media!

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The moment someone starts talking about social media marketing, it is unbelievable to not hear examples like Starbucks, Ford, Harley Davidson, Nestle from him/her. Its true that these giants were the first movers in adopting social media, but doesn’t mean we keep on talking about them, and relearning the same stuff for years. The prior brand image of these giants is so exemplary that other firm’s moves get over shadowed. It’s time now to move on, get exposed to what other firms have practiced and learned from social media.

It’s really encouraging to see that Indian firms have realized the social media potential and have started adopting it in an organized manner. The first attempts to acknowledge, publicize the social media efforts of firms in India, was carried out by India Social during Feb-Mar, 2010 and three firms were awarded – Pratham books (1st prize), Fastrack (2nd prize), Cleartrip.com (3rd prize). I attempted an analysis on case studies of these firms, which was published at Telecom Circle.

Its time to celebrate the social media success in India too, and let the world know even Indian firms are capable to leverage social media effectively and efficiently.

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