Professional life at crossroads!!

Life was so lovely till those simple school and college days. There was a structure, a routine and one had to just follow it, at least till graduation. There were targets to be achieved and gradually one moved a step ahead. It was very clear that one had a year for study, finite amount of course to be completed and at the year end dreadful examination to be cleared by hook or by crook!!! This structure continues till graduation. Then comes the stage where one has variety of options to choose from. The initial struggle begins there. Well, for me the journey was easy till the completion of Masters (MBA). At the end of Masters, I always wanted to be associated with a research profile. But, such opportunities were limited in Ahmedabad and hence I had to start my career with a Business Development profile. However, was lucky enough to enter the research job profile within couple of months and joined Icfai Business School Research Centre, Ahmedabad. The one year three months experience at this amazing Research Centre, which instilled all basic research and writing skills in me was a strong platform for my future research career. I moved on to prestigious and top management college in India, IIM-Ahmedabad. I truly enjoyed the two years of engagement there, which helped me further sharpen my research skills and helped me understand the art of publishing research papers at international journals. The research orientation and interest got deep rooted in me with almost 3.5 years of research in management domain. This motivated me to go for doctoral program, after two attempts at IIMs, which I couldn’t clear, finally made it to MDI, Gurgaon.

When I reached Gurgaon, I had some clear thoughts in mind. I would try to complete my research to the maximum extent within the stipulated time period of three years (though its tough to do so, for an average student like me). Then, would join some big banner consultancy, work there for few years and then make it to academics. However, as it is said “man proposes, God disposes”, life had something else in store for me.

Today, 30th June’2012, my three years of stipulated time period for my doctoral program end. I have made a descent progress and presently in final stages (according to me!!!) of my research work. I am also an entrepreneur today!!! I am now a co-founder and content strategist at Turning Trends Pvt. Ltd. During my graduation and post-graduation days, my friends used to share that my nature suited for a full-time job. They never expected me to be an entrepreneur!!! I am yet to know, how this happened and where my craze to join a big banner consultancy got swayed.

All I know is, I have a thorny road ahead with full of uncertainties. I have some gestation period in mind, till when I can hang around and enjoy the roller-coaster entrepreneurial game! I am not sure if it would be a successful venture or even if it would exist long. But, what makes me feel satisfied and a sense of achievement is that I did taste the entrepreneurial flavor in my life.

Need your blessings, wishes and lot of referrals for my firm…….:):)

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4 Replies to “Professional life at crossroads!!”

  1. Hi Anandan, Many congratulations on accepting new challange in the life…and best wishes for the success ahead which you are sure to get. Feel proud of you.
    Hats Off to you Anandan.
    our blessings and best wishes are always there for you.
    Kanu & Praveen

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