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Best Rakshabandhan Campaigns post COVID-19

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Rakshabandhan campaigns

Rakshabandhan campaigns were special this year due to COVID-19 pandemic. Majority of us have been through tough times since mid March, managing WFH, household chores, kids etc. These tough times have invariably helped us to value relationships in our lives a bit more than we would have usually done in the past. These relationships could be our immediate family related or at work or someone we knew casually so far. There has definitely been a surge of emotional feeling towards COVID-19 warriors be it doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police, disaster management teams, etc. We have seen how these noble souls have put their lives under risk to safeguard us.

COVID-19 has extended longer than we expected and after a dull summer time, which otherwise would have been buzzing in our lives with travels across the country, abroad with family and some IPL fever too! We all were waiting for some spark that could ignite the positive vibes back in us. There came Rakshabandhan, first festival ahead of the long season ahead.

Rakshabandhan is a beautiful festival that symbolizes the love between a brother and sister. Its celebrated in full enthusiasm by kids, youngsters or elders. As brands geared up for this festival, they had a huge challenge of driving positive energy and may be also use this occasion to infuse our emotional connect towards the COVID-19 warriors around us.

I came across these Rakshabandhan campaigns on my Facebook, Twitter feed and thought to feature them here.


Tanishq was one of the initial brands to get started with the Rakshabandhan campaign. This 60 secs video had a beautiful storytelling element slowly unraveling the surprise to the end of the video, where the protagonist is a nurse. The video shared a strong message that ‘sisters’ (colloquially referred to nurses), were taking care of various brothers and families. I also loved the way campaign hashtag was framed, #CelebrateEverySister.

Cadbury Celebrations

This 30 secs Rakshabandhan campaign video by Cadbury Celebrations showcases the tantrums and insecurity a sister feels about her brother’s infamous popularity amongst other sisters. Cadbury mildly touched upon the COVID-19 theme by highlighting the increase in video calls during the pandemic as we all stayed in touch with our distant relatives. It was a very simple and cute video that would bring smiles on our face. The hashtag #CloserThisRakhi could have been better.

Mankind Pharma

The 59 secs Rakshabandhan campaign video by Mankind Pharma is shot in a hospital setup. A patient’s sister struggles to deliver the rakhi to her brother who is admitted in the COVID ward. But, once the rakhi reaches him, the brother instead ties it to the wrist of on duty nurse. The video ends with a beautiful background score of ‘Tujhpe Hai Naaz’ (I am proud of you) thanks every nurse who has put extra-ordinary effort to save people.


The 85 secs long Rakshabandhan campaign video by Usha is setup around working professionals, where elite brother and sister miss each other’s presence on the festivity. The sister complains about the conked food processor and towards the end of video courier arrives at her home, which has the food processor gifted by her brother. A smart product placement by the brand around a strong message that this year ‘sometimes protection can be exercises by staying afar’, emphasizing the fact of cutting down on unnecessary travel and being safe at home.

The Man Company

The Man Company featured Ayushmann Khurrana, its brand ambassador in the Rakshabandhan campaign video. The video starts with the thank you note that the brother (Ayushmann) would have left on bed side of his sister. He thanks her saving him at various instances right from childhood and uses this opportunity to thank her for all her efforts. The video ends with smart product placement in the form of gift that sister shares with the brother, appealing for men to bring out the ‘gentleman’ in them and ending with the campaign hashtag of #RakhiforSisters.


Saif and Soha Ali Khan come together to promote the ‘House of Pataudi‘ line up on Myntra in this 65 secs Rakshanbandhan campaign video. Like the Usha video, it shows an online video chat conversation between the brother and sister who walk down the memory lane. The video has everything in it, product placement, highlighting the safety norms of COVID-19 and subtle love of brother and sister.


Mercedes Benz India

Frankly, this was a shocker of a video for me. Never expected a brand like Mercedes Benz to go for a Rakshabandhan campaign video. This only musical video features various siblings from yesteryears till now, sharing great happy moments with each other and each shot is related to a specialized feature in the car. It was a too much of product placement and taking away the sheen of the festive spirit.


Bajaj Allianz

This audio led Rakshabandhan video highlighted the conversation between two sisters who recollect about their mischiefs. A simple animated video with an audio message was the unique element.


Daawat Basmati Rice

Once more brand captures the COVID-19 sentiment in a beautiful conversational video of a brother and sister. The sister is surprised to see her brother in the kitchen, trying to make a sweet dish. The brand is very well integrated in the conversation and also send a strong message that social distancing is the biggest gift that a brother could give to a sister on this year’s Rakshabandhan festival.

Ferns N Petals

Its almost a war zone in every house that has a brother and a sister. In this campaign video, the siblings fight over various issues and this video beautifully captures those sentiments. However, at the end of the video one would be left with a smile on one’s face remembering their own instances with sibling. Though the video is bit slow and is 90 seconds in length, it addresses the context very well.

Ferns N Petals

Nanhi Kali

Its a very emotional appeal video by kids of Nanhi Kali who share a message for their idol celebrity requesting them to contribute for the kids education, as their gift on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. The appeals were made in couple of vernacular languages like Marathi (to Sachin Tendulkar), Hindi (to Vicky Kaushal & Deepika Padukone), Punjabi (Diljit Dosanjh), Gujarati (RJ Jeeturaj).

Nanhi Kali

Bandhan Bank

One of the nice Rakshabandhan campaigns that I came across this year, where we can see the influence of COVID. A sister’s voiceover can be heard once the brother reads the letter he has received along with the gift from his sister. Its a nicely crafted message.


This year most of the Rakshabandhan campaigns were around the COVID-19 theme. It was great to see brands share positive message around the festival period.

PS: In case you are interested to know about Rakshabandhan campaigns that brands did in the past, click here.

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