Should CXOs participate actively on social media? – A case study of

Should CXOs participate actively on social media? – A case study of

We have read the debate many a times in the past if CXOs should participate actively on social media. Many have a viewpoint that they have better things to do for their organization and they can’t be active and so on. But, on the other side we also get to hear about extensive social media presence of some iconic CXOs. Have you wondered, if they should be active on social media?

I will leave it to you to decide, if CXOs should be participating in social media, with this case study of, a cashback and coupons site.

I got introduced to this brand when they contacted me on Twitter and asked to fill up a Google form and assured me of a gift. I did fill the form to see what happens! Few days passed by and I didn’t receive anything from their side. I wondered if they would use my contact details for any other purpose and also went to an extent to think if it was a fraud company. This made me frustrated and I asked the status of my gift on Twitter. A surprise awaited me!

Swati Bhargava, the co-founder of, replied my tweet immediately and assured me that they were working on it. This impressed me a lot. There are very few CXOs in India who are active on social media and more importantly ‘do realize the need to do so’.

My conversation with Swati Bhargava
My conversation with Swati Bhargava

A few days passed by and some other influential Twitterati too wrote about non-receipt of the gift. I too joined the bandwagon again. Once more, I was stunned to see Swati replying back us very promptly and she did her best by re-assuring us that the gift is on the way and we will receive it soon.

Swati's conversation with other influencers
Swati’s conversation with other influencers

On 1st October, while I was working late in office, I noticed the below Facebook post. I thought, gosh! What have these people ( done! They collected details from Twitter influencers and their gift delivery to one of the most popular influencer was delivered in a damaged form, which made him go ahead and post about it on Facebook. The situation was very serious, given the fact that the influencer was very well known on Facebook and hundreds of people interacted with him on any day. There were high chances for to ‘earn free negative publicity’.

Alok Kejriwal's Facebook post
Alok Kejriwal’s Facebook post

Now, what would have a typical CEO of other brand done:

–   Contacted Alok Kejriwal by a private message and requested him to take down the post

–   Compensated in a better manner

–   Blamed the courier company

Haven’t we seen all of the above cheap tactics followed by brands in recent past? Now, that’s what differentiates your brand from your competitors and not your cheesy taglines / well-designed logo etc.

Swati, CEO immediately took control of situation and countered the situation in an effective manner:

–  She ‘accepted the error’, apologized for the inconvenience and also promised to resend the gift.

Swati's reply on Alok Kejriwal's Facebook post
Swati’s reply on Alok Kejriwal’s Facebook post

Look at the reaction above. Did you notice? 12 people who saw that post also liked the reply by Swati. It sends a clear message that people appreciated the efforts of a CEO who promptly responded to a crisis situation.

There she goes ahead and thanks people who appreciated her efforts.

Swati Bhargava's reply on Alok Kejriwal's Facebook post
Swati Bhargava’s reply on Alok Kejriwal’s Facebook post

A cherry on the icing was a networking opportunity!

Networking opportunity
Networking opportunity


–  Gone are the days when CXOs weren’t considered to be active interacting with various stakeholders on a daily basis. There are many CEOs who spend considerable amount of time interacting with variety of people.

–  As a CXO, if you aren’t informed about a particular situation, at least acknowledge the query / complaint and let the person know that there is someone who is listening to you. Believe me it sends a strong positive image.

–  As a CXO if you set an example, there are high chances that other members of your organization would respect social media as a serious platform. This would gradually make an organization more customer-centric.

If you have an opinion that CXOs of larger companies can’t do this exercise in daily routine, fair enough! But, do check this list which names 60 top CEOs in the World who are active on social media. I am proud to see Anand Mahindra on 6th position of this list. So, if you are a CXO and reading this blogpost, do question yourself and if you think you are more successful person & ‘busy’ than Richard Branson and Anand Mahindra, then probably I agree, you won’t have time to be active on social media. May God help you!





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  1. Burning Blog I must say Anandan!!! I am speechless to see the cheap tactics of such brands…Social Media is not considering social anymore….Great Job! Awaiting for next encounter!

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