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Social Media Courses at Harvard and INSEAD

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Its good to notice that business schools have realized the potential for social media and have taken efforts to organize courses on the subject that would provide enough exposure to the budding managers.
Prof. Andrew T. Stephen at INSEAD, has planned a social media marketing course that would highlight the effective use of social media platforms, how they could be used by marketers, what strategy could be framed to incorporate these platforms, and how should their success be measured to justify their performance and effectiveness.
Prof. Dan Goldstein, an assistant professor at London Business School has emphasized the importance of incorporating social media competencies within students and has designed the course in a manner where students not only learn the tactics of the social media but also get exposed to the nuances of the field.
Prof. Mikolaj Piskorski, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School has designed a course named Competing with Social Networks, where case studies on leading Web 2.0 companies like LinkedIn, Friendster, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Google Friend etc. would be discussed and course participants would be exposed to the reasons which lead to the failure of social networks and how monetization problems often bug the social network’s success.

These three courses would really be helpful to the students and anyone with the combination of these three would be the ideal Social Media Geek….This should give enough lead to faculties in India regarding the potential this domain possesses in itself.

I would love to be a part of a course of this structure and standard.

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