Working with a bunch of young bright team members daily exposes me to their mindset. I could sense their urgency to attain success, fame. I understand its normal for youngsters to think so, however I don’t think success can be accomplished with that ease as it seems to be. In this blogpost a few points for young professionals and to make it more clear I have used examples from cricket (which I think most readers would be able to relate).


Designations don’t matter

Well, this was very well noticed and appreciated by people when players of the rank Ponting & Sangakkara not only stepped down from the captainship but stayed out of the playing eleven in the recently concluded IPL. Well, the lesson to be learnt is that fancy designations don’t earn you respect. If you aren’t delivering just step down & let your best team player lead the team. Also, it clearly emphasizes that hard work and results would take you near to the coveted designations & not the other way round.

 Match the rules of game

Not every organization operates in a similar fashion. The work culture of an organization is more or less driven by the business model. Even if they wish not every organization on this earth can become a Google or a Apple. Suresh Raina & Ravindra Jadeja might be one of the best T20 specialists but they would hardly be able to match the calibre and temperament that is needed in test matches likes that of Dravid & Laxman. So, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and choose your game format where you can excel.


The likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid haven’t reached the pinnacle overnight. They have toiled and persevered for decades to see the shining light. Young professionals need to hold their breath, focus on work in today’s challenging cut-throat competitive work environment. The one who toils the most and dirties hand would have more opportunity to learn, but what’s needed is enormous temperament to lay the foundation of your career.

 Capitalize on opportunities

Indian cricket team has always preferred playing seven batsmen and four bowlers. The challenge ever remained was to find that one player who can bat at the death and yet be a handy bowler. There came Ravindra Jadeja who rose to the occasion and capitalized his position in India team after performing well in IPL matches. It is important for youth to sense an opportunity and capitalize on it. These opportunities could be within your teams when team needs someone to step up. Do not wait for your manager to choose you, just step in and make a mark. You would definitely earn brownie points for your valor.

Leaders are not born!

Well, I am sure there would be many who would oppose this, but I am biased towards this (judge me if you want!!). Little did people sense the leadership skills of Dhoni when he was young. He joined Indian team just as a wicketkeeper. However, with his consistent performance and leadership skills he attracted eyes of selection committee and soon became the Indian captain. He gradually went on to lead India in all formats of game and as of today (as and when this blogpost is written) is the only captain in the cricket history to have won all three coveted ICC trophies. The message here for young professionals to stick to the basics, keep performing well and show your leadership skills in small assignments. Your seniors are definitely watching you and you never know when the much dreamt of designation might land on your lap.

Guys, the journey to success isn’t that smooth else everyone would have reached there. Every step you make forward, every step at which you stumble and get hurt is a learning experience. Success is blessed to those who are ready to struggle, take every trouble as a learning experience and just move on.

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3 thoughts on “Success Mantras That Youngsters Can Learn From Cricket

  1. Sir, it is worth praising, how nicely you have correlated CRICKET with SUCCESS. You really deserve what you are today.

  2. It is the first article I have read anything written by you. And I am amazed with your style of writing. Simple words, easy sentences, yet meaningful.

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