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The Family Man Teaser Campaign by Amazon Prime

The Family Man Season 2 expected to release on 12th February 2021 is the next much awaited series on Amazon Prime. I am too an avid fan of this series and eagerly waiting for the second season.

Amazon Prime has always maintained the trend of gimmicky marketing around upcoming series and movies. Earlier in case of Mirzapur Season 2 teaser, Amazon Prime had released series of YouTube videos at regular intervals.

This time Amazon Prime came up with a very engaging social media strategy to promote The Family Man teaser campaign. The engagement didn’t stop at a social media platform only, but it further extended to the non-digital world. Let’s see how it went about.

The Family Man Teaser Engagement Campaign

On 17th January 2021, Amazon Prime booked a Promoted Tweet, one of the premier advertising property on Twitter. Most of you would have noticed the same as shown in the below screenshot. Usually brands go for a Promoted Tweet with a campaign hashtag and its linked to a tweet which has a video or a static banner message around the campaign objective. However, in this The Family Man teaser campaign promoted tweet, an interesting call to action was asked by Amazon Prime. They asked fans of The Family Man to call on 9223011111 and find where was Srikant Tiwari, the lead role played by Manoj Bajpayee. Those who followed Season 1 would know that Srikant was a sincere officer for whom work was over and above everything in his life, even more important than his family. He used to mostly forget about his family commitments while he was engrossed in a case. As part of Season 2 teasers its being promoted that Srikant is missing and he isn’t answering anyone’s calls including his wife’s and his closest colleague’s.

Amazon Prime beautifully weaved this aspect in the social media strategy and involved the audience by asking them to call and find out where was Srikant. As an enthusiastic The Family Man fan and the digital marketer in me was curious to know what would happen if I called on that number. And I called that number to figure out what happened.

The Family Man

Promoted Tweet on 17th Jan 2021

Follow this below tweet that was linked to the campaign hashtag – #SrikantKahanHai. And don’t forget to follow the replies to this tweet.

What happened when I called Srikant’s number?

First of all the call got disconnected. That itself was a scary moment. And after few seconds I received a call from an unknown number. When I picked that call, it was Srikant’s (alias Manoj Bajyayee) at the other end. Listen to what Srikant told me about his whereabouts! For those who don’t understand Hindi, let me translate it here. He said, “How many times will you call me? Boss is after me. I have lot of work. Will call you later”.

What was my reaction after the call?

As usual I would capture my reaction from both lens – as an avid The Family Man fan and a marketer.

As a Fan: I felt involved with the series and it was a pleasant surprise that the lead character of the series was talking to me. It was a different feeling. We have often heard about traditional meet and greet opportunities in the past, very well leveraged by brands. This was a similar experience where I could hear the lead actor talking to me. And I could feel that he is once again going to be the the central character of the show. It definitely fueled my curiosity.

As a marketer: What a thought by the Amazon Prime marketing team! Unlike any other brand that would run a hashtag based contest, the team went ahead and took the engagement to the offline world. Involving the audience actively with the lead character of the series was a brilliant thought. They took help of technology in the best possible manner to build the fan engagement to the next level.

Now, all eyes on the official trailer to be released on 19th January here.

Did you find this campaign to be interesting? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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