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TikTok Self Serve Advertising Tool Walk-through

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TikTok launched its self serve advertising tool in India. TikTok has been a craze amongst youngsters. Huge amount of content is generated everyday by TikTok users that are mostly funny in nature. There have been some bad news too about TikTok, as users met fatal end, while trying to shoot risky videos. Hence, Tiktok is recently running an extensive #WaitASec campaign across media channels. On digital the campaign was supported with the help of three videos, that urged TikTok users not to take undue risk. As and when this blogpost was written, around 21,000 people have taken pledge on the campaign microsite.

It was very much expected that after reaching considerable user base, TikTok will go for monetization. Now, to ease the advertising opportunities, they have come up with the self serve advertising tool. Its a simple tool and inerface looks very clean. Here is a quick walk-through of the tool.

Basic Details – Tiktok Self Serve Advertising Tool

The moment you login to the platform with the necessary details, it will prompt you to share the purpose for which the account is created. The options are for own business purpose or as an agency who offers services to businesses and one can promote own website too.

TikTok Advertising Purpose

Choose Campaign Objective

Currently TikTok self serve advertising tool offers three objectives – Drive Traffic to website, App Installation, Conversion.

TikTok Advertising Objective


First option is to select suitable Placements. Currently there are five placements available – TikTok, News Feed App Stories, Vigo, Helo, TikTok Audience Network.

TikTok Placements Targeting

Ad Details

This section asks for couple of details, which includes website URL, Brand Name, Brand Logo and the industry vertical referred to as Category in the below screenshot.


The demographic targeting options are fairly detailed. The geographical location options are available at Country, State and City level. Languages are extensive. However, the age group targeting is in the range format. This might not be that flexible for the marketers as of now. Finally, the interest category section allows advertisers to further narrow the target audience.

TikTok Targeting Features


There are two ways for adding budget – Daily or Lifetime. I tried couple of options for both daily budget and lifetime. It seems the minimum budget that one needs to enter for a campaign is around Rs. 50,000. Any amount less than that amount gets rejected by the system. The bids are allowed to made on Clicks and Impressions.

TikTok Budget Details

3rd Party Tracking

3rd party tracking is available for Impression, Clicks and Video Views tracking. Brands interested in transparency aspects can make use of these features.

3rd party tracking

Custom Audience

TikTok has provided all sorts of options in case of Custom Audience targeting. The customer file could be uploaded, or an app activity mapped or custom audience can be built basis user engagement brand’s content and finally based on set of users who visited website. So, majority of possible options are available. A Custom Audience basis the engagement on videos could have helped better, probably its in development stage.

Custom Audience

Creative Assets

A variety of creative asset options are available for brands –

  • Images: Static images (JPEG or PNG) are allowed in dimensions – 1200×628, 375×604 and 640×640. The maximum file size should be 500 KB
  • Videos: Video assets can be in any of the prominent formats. The maximum file size shouldn’t be more than 500 MB. The aspect ratio could be 9:16 or 16:9 or 1:1.
  • Video Generator: A template can be chosen to upload all static images. The TikTok Self Serve Advertising platform will create a video with the help of provided assets.
  • Landing Page to Video: This appears to be an even simpler option, if the brand has a landing page with relevant images on it. On entering the landing page URL, TikTok Self Serve Advertising platform generates a video with the help of images on the landing page.

Given the popularity and acceptance of TikTok amongst the users, its the right time for TikTok to introduce self serve advertising platform. With the heavy festive period around the corner, it would be helpful for brands from food, fashion, technology, apparels, sportswear etc to make the most of this opportunity.

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