Where can you add value as a Social Media Manager/Executive?

A typical social media manager working in an agency is responsible for managing the social presence of number of brands as part of his/her job profile. He/she is often caught in a catch22 situation of whether one should either focus on project based objectives set by agency for which he/she is working or the long term objectives of the brand that he/she senses from the interaction with the brand manager. The typical conflict would arise in one’s mind whether to just fulfill the activities that are listed as part of project agreement or go ahead and suggest ideas that are really good for the brand. These two don’t go hand-in-hand most of the times. At times clients aren’t aware of the potential that social media platforms possess but see social media marketing with a budget constraint viewpoint and rely purely on social network specific numbers as performance for e.g. no. of posts done on a platform, no. of fans / followers accumulated on a platform and so on. At the other end, agency would have their top line in mind and might want to have a particular client at whatever budget the client wants to pay. In this negotiation process few activities are agreed upon based on purely economics basis rather than focusing on the engagement potential.


The complexity for an enthusiastic social media manager arrives when he/she has to match the agency requirements and also ensure client is happy enough for the bucks that have been spent. My advice to such social media managers is that they should just focus on the end customers (who are customers of clients). I believe social media managers should think and act in the favor of end customers. If the content shared is helpful for end customers, they would be happy, engage well with the content, which would satisfy the clients and in return earn new and more business for the agency.

It is a simple trickle effect phenomenon. As a social media manager if you add value right at the top i.e. to the end customer (who is in most cases given least importance in agency-client discussions), the satisfaction would drive down to the brand and it would reflect in their relationship with agency, which would further drive appreciation for the social media manager/executive in the agency.

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