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Why winning HCL Technologies’ #CoolestInterviewEver was a Successful Moment for Me?

Now, it’s the third consecutive post on my blog about and around #CoolestInterviewEver, the social recruitment campaign by HCL Technologies that I aced this month. In my previous post, I had set the stage for this blogpost by questioning what success means to each one of us. Here I claim that winning this campaign was the most successful moment of my life and here are few reasons why I believe so:

1) The sheer scale of the event

When the campaign was launched by HCL on its Twitter handle it had around 1.75 lakhs followers and by the time the campaign ended, the figures touched 2.05 lakhs. It simply speaks about the scale of the campaign and; according to this article over 88,000 candidates participated in this process.

2)  Innovative method of interview where openness ruled!

Unlike other job interviews that are held with closed doors, this interview was in open. Anyone could read your answers and yet you had to better them. This challenge of performing better in the open environment was truly satisfactory.

3)  Consistency that was required across one month

If you thought this interview was held/conducted  for/over just one or two days, hold your breath! This entire campaign lasted for over one month on Twitter and concluded with a day long exhaustive interaction with top leaders at three different campuses of HCL in Noida.


4)  Evaluation  by top most leaders of HCL

It’s always a pleasure to be evaluated by the top honchos of the industry. The interaction with top leaders of HCL was very encouraging and it gave me a hint of where they are headed towards.

5)  Kick of winning the first ever edition of the innovative campaign

Of course, it’s always a different feeling to win the very first edition of an innovative campaign.

6)  Win was a perfect reply to some industry pros who have so far failed to appreciate my skills

Last but not the least, it indeed was a perfect reply to some industry pros who have always doubted me, considered me as someone with insufficient understanding of the digital media field. No, I am not showing my attitude here. But yes, it  was indeed a satisfactory moment for me!

This blogpost wasn’t about bragging about myself. Here is the critic angle to it. I am sure many of the industry pros would argue that the population of candidates who participated in the campaign might not have been an  exhaustive one. Many of them weren’t aware of this campaign or many aren’t active on Twitter and the rest  are yet to create their Twitter account! Now, it’s not an organization’s problem that you aren’t aware, active or present on a prominent channel. Besides, if the hunt is for a digital media person, they would probably not want someone who is not on twitter! Being a digital industry pro, when a campaign of this scale was organized for over a month, my only question to these critics is ‘How did you miss that man?’.

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