World Photography Day 2019 – Should have every brand participated?

World Photography Day 2019 – Should have every brand participated?

Last time I wrote about World Photography Day was in the year 2015. Every year, this day is celebrated across the world on 19th August. The significance and history of World Photography Day can be found here.

World Photography Day

The fundamental question that arose in my mind on this year’s #WorldPhotographyDay was, whether every other brand needs to participate and post around this day. This background for this question was the dissatisfaction on seeing some brands attempting a lame effort. I felt as if brands are trying too much or are showing their desperateness to be part of the bandwagon.

In the process, I came across few brands that connected well to their line of business and product category. Some of the ones that impressed me are captured here. I have compiled them under the product category.

Automobile Brands

Toyota India

Toyota connected between travel, their product Toyota Glanza and the #WorldPhotographyDay with this not so great creative.

Datsun India

Datsun too tried to capture the travel, their product and #WorldPhotographyDay, but stayed away from riding on any specific brand from their portfolio.

Honda Car India

Honda Car tried to traverse through user’s memory lane.The attempt was to generate some user generated content, at which they miserably failed.

Ford India

So, Ford’s stance was almost similar to that of Honda Car on connecting memories and #WorldPhotographyDay.

Maruti Suzuki Arena

Maruti’s content theme for did cut across memories, their brand Celerio and the #WorldPhotographyDay.

Camera Brands

Photography and Camera brands goes really well together. Let’s see how well some of the leading camera brands leveraged this day, which is closest to their line of business.

Fujifilm India

With a mediocre messaging, but brilliant photography and usage of relevant hashtags Fujifilm India celebrated the World Photography Day.

Canon India

The one campaign that will always be on top of my mind would be this #ShiftYourFocus campaign by Canon India. Brilliant storytelling, taking a satirical route on our behavior of participating in digital trending activities, but not paying heed to the immediate societal aspects around us. Definitely it would have turned many heads. Great job by Canon on this World Photography Day.

Nikon India

Seems Nikon wanted to give it back to the society. They set up many photography workshops across the country. Ofcourse, there is no better way to celebrate an occasion by giving it back to the society.

Also, they clubbed a sales offer that would have enticed many photographers.

Sony India

I frankly think Sony India could have done much better job. This post looked as if it came from the hat of a budding photographer.

Lumix India

This World Photography Day, Lumix India went ahead with user generated content route. The 60 seconds video is nothing but a collection of photographs.

Smartphone Brands

How could smartphone brands be away from making their presence count on World Photography Day! After all, in today’s world the smartphone is differentiated on how many cameras it has and how many pixels they are of. Here is a list of few top brands that celebrated World Photography Day.

OnePlus India

A perfect desperate product fit. I literally hate seeing such posts, where the brief would have been to blend the brand and the occasion. I expected much better job from OnePlus India.

Oppo India

Another one to follow the same product and occasion fit. To me, such posts can be made on any day of the year. Why only on World Photography Day? Definitely a thumbs down from me.

Vivo India

Third one in a row with a contest flavor. But, still there is some engagement driving effort here, to keep the conversations going.

Realme Mobiles

I am sure they could have articulated it in a much better way for the launch of new product. Except the coincidence of a new phone launch around World Photography Day, there is nothing in it.

Motorola India

The blooper of this year. Not sure why Motorola India was way ahead in posting this on 14th August, while the World Photography Day is celebrated on 19th August. Irrespective of the timing, I would just ask the team, wouldn’t this post would have been equally effective on any other day of the year?

Honor India

A desperate attempt but a bold one by Honor India to take on a giant. As far as I tracked OnePlus didn’t respond to this.

Some other brands across categories celebrated #WorldPhotographyDay

There were few more brands that celebrated the World Photography Day.


A simple post around their offering. It was more about creative designer’s effort.

Century Real Estate

Not sure how informative this would have been for the audience. Anyone can get this information with a simple search.


Good play of words to send across a strong message, while our country is going through violence in some parts. I liked the imagery very much, well thought through.

Royal Challengers

Not sure how will sharing pictures of Chinnaswamy stadium make one #PlayBold. They have such a strong hashtag in their kitty and yet made the most trivial use of it. They could have come back with a strong campaign.


The simple effort is to popularize their inventory on Twitter. Good thought, but could have been sharpened a bit more.

What’s my take?

I always wonder is it necessary for every other brand to participate during such topical days. There should always be a connect between the brand proposition and the topical event. Here’s result of my poll on brands’ participation during #WorldPhotographyDay. Though the sample size is small, still 70% feel every brand shouldn’t take part during such topical event days.

What’s your take? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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