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Zomato’s Facebook Content Gets Copied!

Time and again, it has been emphasized by many of us that unique and interesting content is what will bring success to a brand on social media space. We have seen some major international brands like Nike, Redbull, Coca Cola investing heavily to come up with lively and interesting content that captured the attention of social media users and left an impression on their minds.

However, it is really sad to see that some brands blindly copy the content from other brand’s Facebook page. I came across the below content from Zomato yesterday and though not been an avid user of their website, I have always loved the effort they put in creating some kick-ass content. Zomato

It is yet another amazing piece by Zomato team. This morning (around 6.30 am) I came across another content from Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen, who were very popular in social media circuit recently for all wrong reasons.

Lemp Brewpub   KitchenIt is very obvious that if you had seen an amazing content last evening and then come across a replica of it within 24 hours, your brain would easily recognize it. I quickly realized that one of them has copied from the other and my heart always vouched that it can’t be Zomato. It is so easy to check the authenticity of the content on social media! I just checked the time stamps of both content and my assumption wasn’t wrong!

Zomato posted that content on 2nd January (Thursday) at 11.19 hours, while the post on Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen was made on the same day (i.e. 2nd January) but at 18.00 hours. Well, seven hours are more than enough to just prepare a replica of an existing content. The worst case is that even the content leading to the image (copy) has been replicated as it is, even without tinkering a single word! 

It was really disheartening to see this practice. This goes beyond my imagination of how could a brand manager / social media manager approve and allow such content to go on the brand page.

Moreover, lets understand both brands, are they competitors? No!! Zomato is an information aggregator and Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen a restaurant, who is listed on Zomato. If the Lemp team found the content on Zomato and as they aren’t competitors, I as a brand manager / social media manager would have loved to simply ‘share’ the content directly from Zomato’s page and add a copy ‘We will help you in achieving this resolution’. This would have addressed following purposes:

1) It wouldn’t have been a copyright infringement by any means

2) Zomato would have acknowledged the efforts of Lemp and in future if Lemp created some kick-ass content, there were high chances that Zomato would have shared it on their Page, which would have eventually earned free publicity for Lemp.

3) It would have sent a strong signal of healthy relationship between Zomato and Lemp.

This incident clearly shows that we brand managers & social media managers though appreciate other’s content, don’t  have an understanding of how to take it forward!

I had decided that I will start the New Year with a positive blogpost and not with a critical piece (as often I am known for and people hate me for it), but this incident made me really sad and I am forced to write this blogpost even before getting ready for my office. Its 7.52 am now!

Note: This blogpost is not written in an effort to demean any brand, but to educate the digital media fraternity about the ill-effects of practicing unwarranted activities.

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